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Act 6: Tuxedo Kamen -- Tuxedo Mask

First publication: Nakayoshi, 7/1992.
Published in tankoubon form by Kodansha; acquired by the webmistress in the summer of 1993. ( :

Fog... clouds...

A woman's form is barely visible through the mist; she has long, wavy hair. Her voice comes faintly across the intervening distance. "The legendary Silver Crystal..." she calls.

Mamoru gasps, and his eyes open wide. He sits up in bed, holding a hand to his head. "This dream again?" he mutters. "Calling me in my dreams... always talking about the Silver Crystal. And always, I wake just as I'm finally about to see her face..."

He holds a star-shaped watch in his hands. "...Six o'clock."

He stares out the window, thinking of the woman in his dreams, and wondering who she could be.

"'Bye!" Usagi cries cheerfully as she goes out the door.

As she leaves, Luna enters the kitchen. Usagi's mother is reading the newspaper. "It's the cat with the bald spot!" she cries cheerfully. "Strange, isn't it? You're usually the first one up, but Usagi's already left."

"It would happen occasionally," Luna thinks as she flips open the newspaper. Then she stares wide-eyed at the paper.

There is a huge picture of Tuxedo Kamen on the front page, and smaller pictures of Sailormoon and Sailor V. The headlines read: The mysterious Tuxedo Kamen ... The legendary Silver Crystal!? ... Are Sailormoon and Sailor V also involved in the strange case of the Silver Crystal!?

Meanwhile, Usagi is on her way to school. She meets Ami and Makoto, and Ami compliments her on actually getting up on time. Usagi replies that she's been having bad dreams, which wake her up earlier than usual...

She looks up and sees a young man walking down the street, straightening his tie. She has a sudden flash of memory... "I'm obviously in high school," he retorts, holding out a student ID card.

"Chiba Mamoru!" she blurts out. He starts at seeing her.

"Hi, odango," he smiles. "Make sure you study."

She makes a face at him. "None of your business!"

Makoto looks after him as he leaves. "Who was that?"

Usagi looks peeved. "Just some jerk that I keep running into around here."

"You're blushing," Makoto teases. "Are you cheating on Tuxedo Kamen and the guy at the arcade?"

"It's not like that!" Usagi cries.

"Cool," Ami says. "He's wearing the uniform of the super-elite, really advanced Moto Azabu High School! Wow, Usagi-chan, you know someone like that?"

"He's called Chiba Mamoru," Usagi says, her blush fading. "He's really rude. You can have him, Ami."

"Actually," Ami demurs, "I'd like..."

She and Makoto think simultaneously of Motoki.

Then Ami snaps out of it, blushing a bit. "Anyway," she says quickly, "have you two read the paper? It's awful!"

All over Tokyo, people are talking. "Have you seen the paper? Who's this Tuxedo Kamen?" ... "Is it true that he's sneaking around like a criminal at night, looking for this Silver Crystal?" ... "This legendary Silver Crystal - it must be an amazing treasure!"

Luna holds a phone to her head. "What? What was that?"

"Oh, that," the reporter says excitedly. "Tuxedo Kamen! He, himself, gave us a public statement! He said that the lost treasure, the legendary ginzuishou, is here in Japan! Do you have any information about this? If you know anything about Tuxedo Kamen or about the Silver Crystal, we need to know!"

Luna stares wide-eyed. "Tuxedo Kamen!" she thinks. "What's happening? What can he be thinking? This has got to be a joke!!"

Tuxedo Kamen holds a newspaper, a grim smile on his face. "I'm sure to learn something now," he thinks. "I'll get it, no matter what!"

Zoicite and Kunzite stare at several TV screens, each displaying a different news program. Kunzite chuckles quietly. "Sailormoon, Tuxedo Kamen, and the humans are fighting for the Silver Crystal."

"It's not funny, Kunzite," Beryl says from where she is caressing her crystal ball. "The Dark Kingdom must have the Silver Crystal. We also need more human energy for our great ruler."

"Queen Beryl," Zoicite says intently. "I'm Zoicite, the head of the European division. I can do it. I'll get them for you."

Kunzite looks away.

People are talking... apparently there will be a news feature on the legendary Silver Crystal. Everyone is planning to watch it.

The girls are gathered at the Crown Game Center. Ami says worriedly that all of Japan is becoming panicked, and if they don't do something soon, the princess may be endangered. Luna nods, saying that she didn't like the idea, but Tuxedo Kamen must be an enemy.

Usagi disagrees.

The girls

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