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Fanart Contest!
Makoto as RK's Yahiko

These are the results for the Garden's second fanart contest, senshi cosplay. Artists seemed to have a lot of fun with this one, and I certainly had a lot of fun running it.

But once again, ilsevet is late with the results - gomen kudasai! Once again, the artwork submitted was spectacular and results were hard come by; and once again, I had to call in some friends to help me make my decision.

The decision process was the same - each consultant ranked the eleven I'd chosen (yes, eleven - couldn't even decide on ten this time!), and then I averaged the scores and ranked 'em. Even with the extra input, as you can see, we couldn't make up our minds, and there happen to be two people in second place. The score differential between third and fourth was so close that I decided to award another special prize as well...

Anyway. Enough babbling. Here are the winners:

First prize goes to frail. The artwork for this picture is amazing - I love the composition and the coloring - and the SD commentary is nothing short of hilarious. Oh, and this artwork won the popular vote by a landslide with a weighted total of 24 votes, a full 9 points over the vote's 2nd place winner.Jealousy
Final Fantasy Super S?? Second prize actually had a two-way tie. The winners are Jade~, for senshi dressed to the hilt as characters from Final Fantasy VIII, and the team of Yui-chan and Usa-P, who gifted us with a rather disturbing rendition of Usagi and Mamoru in the SKU universe.The Power to Revolutionize the World
Third prize goes to Bich Vu for this beautiful Michiru-as-Belldandy portrait. The manga art is beautifully done, I like the flowing of the hair, and the overall effect with the white glowy things is amazing. Ah! Michiru-sama!
Makochu!A special prize goes to Frasdel for her Makochu! It's a very freaky picture of Makoto as Pikachu. The whole lightning overlap thing is worked in well, but it's the idea of a sexy pokemon that disturbs me... great idea; beautifully executed.
Here are the rest of the finalists, in no particular order - their work was incredible enough for me to consider them for the top three spots. I'm still too poor to give the artists anything, so this meager recognition is the best I can do...
Lonely Angel
Where's my fuku?
Usagi and Mamochan Chibis
Chibi Usa as Skuld
Ami as Chieri Asuka

Winners, please email me with your name and shipping address, and which manga you want (out of Sailormoon, you can choose from volumes 1 through 15). If you're not the first prize winner, you may want to send me two or three choices; and if you would rather have non-Sailormoon manga, email me anyway and I'll send you a list of options.

My gratitude to all the artists involved and all the people who voted!

Please don't hesitate to take a look at the contest galleries - those on this page are only a poor sample of the beautiful variety of artwork people submitted.

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If you're looking for more contest goodness, visit the contest page at Silver Moonlight - from there, you can find a page with links to all sorts of anime fanart contests. As for me, I plan to run another contest in a few months, once I come up with a theme I'm happy with (and once I've restocked my prizes).

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