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Fanart Contest!

These are the results for the Garden's first fanart contest, "Match a senshi!"

Chibi Hiei-chan giving Hotaru-chan a flower Upside to running contest: Lots of beautiful fanart! Wow!

Downside to running contest: Only four prizes! <sweatdrop>

Seriously, this was a very difficult decision. I sweated, strained, and finally narrowed my choices down to ten excellent pieces of artwork. After that, I gave up and called in a couple of friends to consult because I truly could not make up my mind any more... (The artworks were all too pretty!)

Anyway, each consultant ranked the ten I'd chosen, and then I averaged the scores. I've included them too, just for kicks.

Here are the winners:

First prize goes to Leo for this beautiful sketch of Ami and Fujimiya Aya from Weiß Kreuz. Although I never once pictured Ami going for a stoic assassin-florist like Aya, the two of them looked too perfect in this picture to resist. I love the pose, with Ami clinging, and Aya looking all protective - very nice! (Composite score: 9.5)Ami and Aya
Makoto and Shion Second prize goes to Aeris for this lovely rendition of Makoto with Shion from Please Save My Earth. I know next to nothing about the anime series, and absolutely nothing about Shion himself -- but the artwork is stunning. (Composite score: 9.25)
Third prize goes to Mako-chan and Usa-p for this hilarious drawing of Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi and Usagi trying to set up Tasuki and Rei. I love the dialogue and body language! (Composite score: 8.75) Irony
Felio and MinakoA special prize goes to the talented Margarete Lisakowski for this delightful picture of Minako with Felio (also known as Ferio) from Magic Knight Rayearth, rendered in delicate watercolours. I'm really impressed by the skill displayed in this artwork, and I love the pose she's drawn them in. (Composite score: 8.5)
Here you'll find the other finalists, in no particular order - their work is also incredible. Regrettably, I'm too poor to give the artists anything, but I'd still like to display their work here among the winners. I figured they deserved some recognition... but trust me, if I had the resources to acquire more "special prizes," these artists would be getting 'em. Consider this a sort of "honorable mention."
Wataru and V
by V-chan
Hotaru and Shinji
by Snake
Big Shot Love Scene
by Cassanova
by Brianna
Kenshin and Rei
by Frasdel
Tasuki and Chibiusa
by KnBanana

Please visit the contest galleries for more beautiful fanart!

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As to whether I'm going to hold another contest or not - well, I definitely plan to, but not right away. Although I enjoyed seeing all this beautiful artwork, running the contest took a good chunk out of my time, and I'm too poor to buy decent prizes -- so we'll just have to wait and see.

Again, thank you to all the great artists who were kind enough to share their work here!

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