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Evil Tuxedo Kamen

To fully understand why this whole "evil Tuxedo Kamen" business came about, we need to look back... In case you're wondering, this is a quick and dirty summary of what happened in acts 9 and 10 of the manga.

In Act 7, Zoicite had Sailormoon pinned and helpless. He was about to sink a knife into her head. While she struggled, Tuxedo Kamen stood by helplessly. He couldn't do anything; Zoicite had placed an energy shield up around the two of them, and had neutralized the other senshi. Even after Sailorvenus saved Sailormoon's life, Mamoru couldn't let go of his guilt and shame. He blamed himself for not protecting his Usako, and swore to himself that next time, at any cost, he would protect her. He would not fail again!

Later, in Act 8, the senshi are battling Kunzite. Sailormoon was left alone in the open, unprotected; Kunzite took advantage of this opportunity to send an energy blast at Sailormoon.

Evil Mamoru

Tuxedo Kamen was alert. This time, he thought, I will protect her! He leapt up into the sky, interposing his long body between the energy blast and his precious Sailormoon. As he falls, his memories of the Silver Millenium return, and he knows who he is, and why he needed to save Usagi. Sailormoon catches him and cradles his head in her lap, begging him to wake up. "Serenity..." he whispers, reaching up to touch her face ... and then his eyes close.

Appearance of the ginzuishou Sailormoon holds him, her memories returning in a rush. "Answer me..." she begs him. "Open your eyes - I remember! We were reborn, and we met again - is this our destiny, Endymion? Tuxedo Kamen!! You're the only one ... that I love..." Tears brim in her eyes. A single tear drops from her eye, falling through the air. It glows and grows bigger as it falls, giving off a light so bright it is almost painful. At length the tear crystallizes, spinning in the air between Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen. Kunzite and the senshi are amazed at the power in the single glowing jewel. "Could it be..." Kunzite whispers, "the legendary ginzuishou?"

The crystal drops, and lands in Sailormoon's outstretched hand. A glowing ball of light moves from the crystal to Tuxedo Kamen, and becomes absorbed into his chest.

"Now, Kunzite!" Queen Beryl commands. "For the glory of the Dark Kingdom, take the ginzuishou and the princess now!" Kunzite immediately holds out a hand, shooting out a beam of energy. Venus and Jupiter leap in front of Sailormoon, shielding her. But Mamoru's body is carried away, and Kunzite blasts the senshi again.

Usagi tries desperately to reach Mamoru's body, but the other girls hold her back. "It's no use!" Jupiter cries. "He's too strong for us!" Kunzite vanishes from the sky, taking with him the body of Mamoru.

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