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name: Katherine Li
    (aka Kat, aka "Keieru")

site: kitten at play
    what I don't show my relatives

layout: featuring Akira, from
    Kaguya Hime by Shimizu Reiko

Saturday, June 23, 2001 -- 11:39 AM

Slapped together a layout. Well... to be honest, I actually spent hours on this. I started out wanting to make it look really complicated with crossing fading lines all over the place a la Tay-chan, and got pretty far, and then figured out that I didn't really like it, and scrapped the whole thing, and made this. And, surprisingly, am content with it.

Kaguya Hime is notable as the only manga I got into in Chinese. I picked up a volume from a shop in the Vancouver Chinatown last winter, and waded through it during my week's stay at my grandparents', with the help of Grandpa's dictionary. Then, the day before we left, I went back and got the next five. We're going to visit them again in August; I want to get the next few. If the store's still there. ^_^

Complicated convoluted story, boys who look like girls, girls who look like boys, clones and plots, and some majorly nice eyes. I love Shimizu Reiko's artwork style; it's incredible. Problem, though, is that now I prefer to read it in Chinese rather than Japanese... much easier for me to understand, but harder to get my hands on. Interesting mental block we're having here.

Watched Ian McKellen's Richard III last night. Wonderful stuff, not a wasted moment in the whole movie. Made me want to read the play.