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Minor Characters

One thing I've always liked about the Sailormoon universe is that the senshi aren't perfect little people who were born and bred to save the world from evil - they're believable, everyday girls. They have families and friends and they interact normally with society. And the minor characters of the Sailormoon universe have a single purpose: to show the senshi what they're fighting for; to demonstrate to the senshi that there is something worth saving. Naru-chan

  • Family of the senshi:
    • Tsukino - Usagi's family. Usagi's the only one with a sibling along with a healthy two-parent family, have you noticed that?
    • Mizuno - Ami's family, and some insights into Ami's character.
    • Hino - Rei's family. Grandfather, parents, and a close family friend... and some revelations as to how Rei's attitude towards life developed.

  • School people - teachers, friends, and acquaintances of Juuban Junior High, T-A Private Girls' School, and Moto Azabu High School.

  • Friends of the senshi that don't go to school with them. Mostly the people at the Crown Game Center.

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