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Tenoh Haruka / Sailoruranus ... Kaioh Michiru / Sailorneptune

Haruka's appeal, it would seem, lies in her duality, possessing very stereotypical masculine traits, and yet being so obviously female. She gives fans a welcome break from all the other too-feminine senshi. But as one fan pointed out, you can't have Haruka without Michiru - perfect feminine elegant Michiru, who sets off Haruka's flamboyance so well. So I've combined them on the same page.

"She kicks arse. She's calm under pressure, and is a good leader at times, but she still knows how to have a good time."
- ChibiAussie | site Tenoh Haruka

"She is my fav senshi because, she's strong active (unlike me), she can keep her emotions in check, she is tall, beautiful, and isn't afraid to be different. Oh... and we both have extremly short hair."
- Dame_C

"I like Haruka. There are an infinity of reasons of why I like her. She's just so different from the rest of the senshis. She and Michiru make a good couple but Michiru is not a bit like her. I like her determination, (eg. Once she was driving in a race, and another racer commented that she should act more feminine. Haruka replied that racing is a sport which everybody can do, regardless of their sex. I felt that that's the kind of people I like.) She can stand up for herself. She certainly doesn't let people push her around...and wait for another century if you want to try! Her character, I like that. She's pretty mysterious, but the sense of mystery is different to those of Hotaru and Setsuna. She doesn't really open up to anyone but Michiru, her 'special friend'. But I know that she's still soft inside, and always willing to help when the inner senshi are in trouble. Then apart from that, she's just plain cool! A Ferrari, her own apartment, racing...not alot of people can do that! And I think it's pretty rare to find a tomboy as cool as her. Haruka can be feminine or masculine when she wants to be, and she's good at being both!"
- TomoeHotaru | site

"She's tomboyish, but she's got a great voice and she still has a feminine mystique. Her transformation is really cool and she's willing to die for her lover."
- Juppy Puppy

"Her tough attitude and rough demeanor are really cool. She cares about Neptune, but is willing to risk Neptune's life and her own to finish their mission. She's dedicated to the mission she's given and doesn't give up... willing to protect the outer reaches of the galaxy with her life as she did before."
- SSJ Bulma | site

Tenoh Haruka "She's a femme and a homme, with both sides of the mirror. But the best about her is just her -- her exceptionally handsome boyishness, her sometimes flirtatious attitude, her loyalty, charm... everything."
- Cheri L'amour | site

"Boy do I like Sailor Uranus. She's sooo cool. I mean, it's not every day you meet a girl that can kick butt and I love that male persona thing. I guess I really like tomboys since they show every one that girls do rule and can do better than guys. That and I think it's totally sweet how she cares soo much for Serena."

"If Haruka was a guy, I'd be all over her. ;p Even as a woman, she's hot. *lol* But really... she's completely devoted to her partner and lover, Michiru, and you've gotta love that arrogant attitude."
- J-chan | site

"ALL my friends love Uranus and Neptune. They're sexy, they're strong, they're independent, and they're lesbians (okaaaaay, that really makes sense). I myself am an ardent fan - I love the way the two of them are so devoted to each other. Their strong sense of duty - to save the world no matter what happens to them - also appeals to me. You don't think they go around stealing people's souls because they think it's what their Bible told them to do, do you? Such bravery can't not be admired - to be willing to dirty one's hands for the sake of the greater good (of course, sometimes this can be hypocritical, but let's not get into a huge philosophical discussion here). Their charisma is awesome, but somehow they lack the humanness that the Inner Senshi have. Even so, Uranus (and the rest of the Outer Senshi) have been and always will be my most favorite Senshi in SM."
- Elienta | site Kaioh Michiru

"I like Michiru for a lot of the same reasons that I like Ami. It's one of those things where you just love a character, and can't explain why. I guess I love the water related attacks, and Michiru and Haruka are so adorable together."
- Alex | site

"I have never seen her in the series since I live in Australia and only get the NA dub, but I have been very entrigued and have searched everywhere for information about her. I think one of the main reasons I am drawn to her is her and Uranus' love for each other. Being a romantic soppy type, I think their love so amazing and true and beyond everything else that they have become one of my main interests. The fact she is willing to sacrifice herself for her love is so loyal and brave. These are my reasons for liking Sailor Neptune."
- Caera Michelle Bradshaw

"Once, one of my couisns asked me why I liked Michiru so much, 'after all she is a lesbian'! Well it's because I see some of myself in her. Just like her, I'm willing to give my life for the people I care for. That's why Iike her soooo much!!!"
- Sailor Circe | site

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