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After watching Shoujo anime I am surrounded by bishounen men, I have a perfect body and flower petals float around me when I walk. My wisps of candy colered hair are always in perfect condition, even if it is 5 feet long. Any problems are solved with my magical items and love. Those sick thoughts are the side affects. ^_~

- Safox of Glitter

Heh Safox, I get a similar sensation :P
After a good dose of MKR, I feel that all the problems in the world will be solved by three beautiful girls (one particularly cute, with long blue hair) riding in huge mashin. Card Captor Sakura does the same. In fact, most CLAMP manga does that, which is why I love CLAMP :P

I haven't seen any Shoujo in a while, by the way, so does anyone have any suggestions?

And oh yes, I command you all to READ CLOVER, one of CLAMP's latest manga. It's like a mixture of Evangelion and Lain and Escaflowne and Pokemon :P

- Keiichi

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