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Anima Maids - Third Wave

"Your next opponents are us, Sailormoon!" - Sailorvenus, Act 49

Power is, as always, a double-edged sword. The sailor senshi's crystals allow them to exert their powers for the good of the world and its people.

Evil senshi Unfortunately, such powers can be subverted. Galaxia stole the sailor crystals of many senshi, and was able to twist their powers to her own use. There seem to be two ways she can do this; she can bestow the senshi's powers on others (i.e. the Anima Maids of the first wave), or reincarnate them in their seeming flesh.

She reincarnated the senshi of our home solar system, and sent them against their Princess in volume 18 of the manga. All eight senshi, as well as Tuxedo Kamen, arrayed themselves against Sailormoon and raised their braceleted arms in challenge... and then attacked, laughing gleefully.

This was a horrible experience for Usagi.

Imagine what it would be like to face your closest friends in battle, and have them laughing in your face as they aimed at you with deadly power. Imagine having to direct your strongest attack at them, and watch their bodies shred away... again.

Certainly aren't battle-ready, are we?

Construct's kiss Then imagine seeing the face of your true love, whom you have missed for an eternity... imagine seeing him bend his proud head to your worst enemy, she who killed all your friends and your love... imagine hearing the gloating words of the metal-clad killer: "This man, and all the power in the galaxy ... everything belongs to me! If you want it back, fight me!"

Then imagine how much you want to kill this woman, with all the power at your disposal. This woman has first killed your lover and your friends, then sent them to battle against you, and forced you to kill them. This woman is manipulative, harshly cruel, power-hungry, and - so it would seem - completely evil.

Instead, Usagi - despite all the bitterness and pain Galaxia put her through - saved the metal-clad senshi's life. More than that, she offered her friendship and love.

It was only then that I understood how strong and generous a person Usagi really is.

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