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What would a site collective be without some sites to show off?

The Moon Garden
My "complete" and by far the largest site. A celebration of the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon manga. ("manga" = "comic book," for the uninitiated.) My baby; it grew as my HTML and graphics-editing skills blossomed. It's still receiving sporadic updates, because it's just fun to play with.

Fighting Spirit
A very small Ronin Warriors site. Just because my little brothers insisted. <smile> hey, no skin off my back... and it makes them happy... and besides, I got to dig up old memories. Someday I hope to work some of my fanworks and some samurai facts into this.

Coming soon: The Eternally Uncompleted Kenshin Site! (It's been sitting on my puter for ages. Someday it'll be presentable... someday!)