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Old Updates

31.01.00 I added some more entries to page 5 and page 6 of the contest gallery. I also extended the contest deadline to February 2nd. Oh, and I got a new award (thank you!), and added it and another (rather tasteless, I admit) wallpaper to the appropriate section.
29.01.00 More lovely contest entries can be seen on page 5 of the contest gallery; go take a look!
23.01.00 More entries for the fanart contest are up - they're absolutely stunning; you can find them on page 4 of the contest gallery. Sorry; no other updates... the webmistress has acquired more manga (woohoo!) and is rather preoccupied at the moment...
18.01.00 I received four beautiful new fanart entries, which I stuck on page 4 of the contest gallery. Also, I got a great award from the webmistress of Usagi and!
14.01.00 I received a couple more fanart entries, and perforce split the contest gallery, creating second and third pages. I also finished up the Dead Moon Circus villains profiles (finally!) so we actually have new content as well. Added new links to shrines and general sites.
05.01.00 Seeing as I just got back from ringing in the New Year (I went to a party far away. I decided to stay a couple extra days), there aren't any substantial updates. I did find some lovely fanart in my mailbox though, which I promptly stuck in the contest gallery.
30.12.99 A couple of beautiful contest entries came in; they're now in the contest gallery - go take a look! I also added to the AQ. I won't be able to access the 'net till after New Years, so no more updates this year! <grin> Happy New Year, everybody!
22.12.99 WAI!!! Finals are over! Deepest apologies to anyone who wrote me email during this month; I'll get on it soon. (Now that I have time...) Not much to report; I added a new fic entitled "Gifts of Love" to the fanfiction section, and opened a contest gallery.
05.12.99 Happy December! I added a new page to the AQ section, and added two new awards. (Thank you!) Not much else, sorry... I'm cramming for exams, so don't expect to hear anything out of me until winter break comes along.
19.11.99 Been a while since I updated, hasn't it? There's this thing called school that's taking up a bit of my time... Anyway, I added a new fanfic and some height comparison charts. I also answered a few questions on the fanart contest page. (For those of you who care, today is a very odd day.)
26.10.99 New schtuff. Different layout; we'll see how it works. I've also added a section of attacks and henshin throughout the series, and Ami's evolution. Also made a new subsection: the Garden's Desk, which also includes the AQ! Attention fanartists: we also have a fanart contest going on!
13.10.99 Results are in from the SMPCA, and the Garden placed second. (Which, honestly, is more than I'd expected, so I'm very pleased.) Manga Style!, which I've admired forever, took first. I added to the awards list and changed the main page. I also revamped the character shrines page and added a new link. (God I love this ethernet connection... :P ) The Ami evolution is proceeding; look for it after I've taken my exams...
10.10.99 Because I was having trouble finding things, I added a site map. I also put a new button or two on the links page.
01.10.99 Wow! The Garden is the October feature site of Neherenia's Church in the Shadows! <happy grin> They even gave me a lovely button which I linked on my award page. I also put up a page about Chibichibi, because I got one or two confused emails as to why I had her picture in Sailormoon's images. And I aced a test today, so I'm rather pleased all around.
27.9.99 Wow, two updates in as many days! The result of my working my head off during the week and a sudden surfeit of free time... <happy grin> (Don't think that this is an everyday occurence. It's not. I'm the master of procrastination.) Anyway, I added Chibiusa to the Evolution page.
26.9.99 Put up some desktop wallpapers, for no reason at all...
22.9.99 I finally finished the Death Busters pages; playing with images was fun! School's being annoying though, so (if you haven't already guessed) updates will be slow.
13.9.99 Bad news: It's Monday the 13th (Aaah! It's worse than Friday!) and I can't seem to finish Death Busters. Writer's block. Good news: I was in a graphics-editing mood and added some pics to the Saturn and Pluto pages. Enjoy.
11.9.99 Wow! I seem to be a finalist in the SMPCA 3, so if you could vote for me, that would be pretty spiffy... ^_^ In other news, I came up with a happier layout for the site (as you may have noticed), and added a new fanfic, Finding a Balance. Deathbusters info coming soon; sorry to keep you waiting, but school's being a real pain.
30.8.99 I'm back from vacation! Added new awards to the awards page, a couple of new links, and changed some of the links that used to go to AnimeCity. Also, direct-linking my banners doesn't work for some reason, which is pretty annoying... those affected, please just save my banner to your own server for now. We'll hope that Tripod gets rid of the confusion...
12.8.99 Dug this up out of my distant past, when I was trying to teach myself to draw manga... It's a rather frivolous study of the evolution of Takeuchi-san's artwork. Only available for Usagi and Mamoru.
10.8.99 Big addition. Revamped the manga page. Added synopses of all manga volumes.
30.7.99 Hmm, yes, this was my definition of "soon." Oh well. The Fanfiction page has been completely revamped, with a complete new fic on it. (I got distracted from my old one and followed a tangent. "Stitch in Time" was the result.) I also added manga acts Four and Five to the manga page.
17.7.99 Added an Elios page, updated the corresponding character links page, and noticed with some bemusement that my character descriptions were getting longer every time. I'll have to go back someday and flesh out the senshi pages, just to make it all even. Oh, and I gave the cast page a bit of a facelift. Coming soon: new fanfiction.
11.7.99 Added a section on the Black Moon villains.
20.6.99 Substantial additions - added a "virtual garden" subsection, a new link section, a minor characters section, and a cats page. Changed link colors as per the AQ's suggestions; I'm still dithering over the color choice though.
10.6.99 I hadn't planned to update until the weekend when I had something more substantial, but I had to rejoice in the fact that the Amazoness Quartet gave me an award!
4.6.99 Signed up for two webrings: KimiKat's cute cute cute ring!! and the Pure Manga Ring. Don't worry; I'll get back to the serious pagebuilding soon enough.
3.6.99 Added an awards page, thanks to the generosity of KimiKat!
25.5.99 That villains page I mentioned earlier is up, along with quite a lot of schtuff on the Dark Kingdom. I'll get to the other villains eventually. Also updated the cast page, and changed my Saturn link. *sigh* I liked Bow to the Glaive, too. Oh well. Resurrection is also very nice.
21.5.99 Added a page of anime lingo defined. Summer break is here! (Took my last final today - woohoo!) Look for a villains page somewhere in the near future.
16.5.99 Added a page of anime-oriented links. Should be all for now - finals week is here, and Sailormoon webpaging is among the least of my worries.
13.5.99 Added manga act 3 translation.
11.5.99 Added a page about me, since some of you were asking.
8.5.99 I signed up for a guestbook! Decorated it too, with spiffy SD senshi. Wanna view or sign it? *happy grin* As should be obvious, I also added an updates page.

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