"Prince! This is our best chance. Let me take care of things. For you, I will capture the beautiful ruler of the sleeping castle." - Esmeraude to Diamaund, Act 18

Esmeraude Esmeraude dresses in skintight black, with three oval-shaped jewels in front; she wears long black gloves and high black boots, the characteristic black earrings, and the mark of the Black Moon. Her hair is long and wavy, and her eyes are as green as the emerald that she is named for.

She teases Rubeus and Safire; they don't have very much patience with her. Safire mostly either rebukes or ignores her, and Rubeus tends to sneak up on her and scare her. She seems attracted to Prince Diamaund; she hides behind walls and watches him covertly. However, it's obvious that he has no eyes for anyone but Neo-Queen Serenity. She tries to please him by promising him that she'll capture Serenity for him, but she ultimately failed. He didn't even seem to miss her.

Esmeraude has the power of the "death hands," also possessed by Wiseman and (briefly) Safire. These are cloudy hands that reach out impossibly long, grabbing people and choking and hurting them. She grabbed Chibiusa with these hands, but Venus' "Love-me Chain" sliced through them. At that point, Esmeraude threw down a black earring at the senshi; it exploded, knocking them to the ground.

While they were down, Esmeraude reached out six more hands and grabbed Usagi, Minako, and Mamoru around the necks, sapping their energies. However, the spirit of King Endymion was able to lend his strength to his past counterpart; Mamoru summoned up enough strength to yell "Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber!" ... and Esmeraude was torn apart.

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