The Garden's Desk

Welcome to the Garden's Desk!

Why "desk?" Um, I wanted to put random schtuff and writings here, and I couldn't think of anything better to call the section... (not so inventive today...)

SD Ami-chan I've written some fanfiction that I'm rather proud of... right now, there are four short fics, one mini-epic, and one unfinished epic work. (No, I have no idea when it'll be done - most of it's in my head, but I'm getting bogged down in the details.)

An ongoing feature is Playing Favorites, where you can see what other people think of the senshi. Who's your favorite?

People have asked me questions about Sailormoon and anime in general; I've done my best to answer them, sometimes at length. (I get wordy, and carried away... <sweatdrop>) Anyway, I decided to post 'em; you can find these exchanges at the Garden's AQ. In case you were wondering, "AQ" does not stand for the well-known "Amazoness Quartet," but instead for "Asked Questions." I would have called it a "FAQ," but most of these questions have only been asked once... this page is to prevent them from being asked again.

The most recent feature was the fanart contest. Wanna see the galleries of entries? (Not hosted on this server.)

The results are up for the old fanart contest; thanks for all the beautiful art! Go check out the contest galleries to see what I mean. (Not hosted on this server either.)

Manga desktop wallpapers by yours truly can also be found here - available to fit the three main desktop sizes! Hosted on Angelcities.

I've been asked if I can showcase other people's fanfiction. The answer, at this point, is no; I have no plans for that kind of thing. (Besides, I tend to be picky and meddlesome, and won't be able to resist correcting other people's grammar.) Sorry - the only writings here will be my own. Don't despair; there are plenty of other places out there which will put your stuff on the 'net for you - and probably do a much better job of it than I would.

(...such as A Sailor Moon Romance.)

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