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OK, here's the deal. There's no way I can be totally original; every single one of Takeuchi-san's lovely Sailormoon artworks is somewhere on the 'Net. So what I'm doing is scanning, editing, and posting the ones I like. <grin> That's why some of them can't be found in any artbook.

No, I didn't scan all these in myself. What are you, nuts? Credit goes to these image gallery sites for providing those that I did not have time to scan.

Sure, use the images -- just link back, please. I'd like to get a little credit; I take pride in my image editing skills. Please don't link directly, though. Save them to your own web site... That's just good manners.

This gallery used to be standalone, but it is now a subset of a larger Sailormoon site, hence the links on the bottom. It's also hosted on, because the webmistress there is an absolute angel.

Moon Mercury Mars
Jupiter Venus Earth
Pluto Uranus and Neptune Saturn
ChibiMoon Earth and Moon Miscellaneous
--Ilsevet Waterborn

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