"I follow the wishes of the prince ... We have nothing to fear. Don't you enjoy having power?" - Rubeus to Safire, Act 17

Rubeus Crimson Rubeus has a great sense of self-preservation; he always looks out for himself first. Yet he's lazy; he'll let someone else call the shots so long as he retains a comfortable position. In this time and place, he follows the policies set by his prince Diamaund, and ignores any indications that Diamaund might not be doing the wisest thing.

Rubeus is named for the ruby gemstone. His hair is flame-red, and the upside-down black crescent sits high and proud on his forehead. He dresses in a sleeveless vest, mottled pants, and high boots; a pendant swings from his neck, and black earrings dangle from each ear. He sends surges of fiery power from his hands.

He was in charge of the Ayakashi sisters; he seemed to have a slight attraction to Calaveras. As they neutralized each senshi and then died, he took possession of the senshi that they'd defeated. He let the sisters do all the work, and then discarded each of them with hardly a backward glance as Sailormoon blew them to shreds. He's very condescending as well; when Esmeraude volunteered for a job, he wondered aloud at her abilities - but he didn't volunteer for the job himself.

Rubeus strikes me as the type who prefers not to work too hard unless he really has to. He closed his eyes to Diamaund's foolishness, even when Safire pointed out the inconsistencies in their prince's actions. He didn't lift a finger until he himself was in physical danger (the castle was about to fall down on them); at that point, he started to run. Wiseman accused him of running away; Rubeus snapped back that he didn't want to stay and die. A shadowy woman rose up behind the Wiseman. "Coward," she breathed.

Rubeus Suddenly, Rubeus came to his senses. "Who's that black shadow?" he demanded. "What have you been using us for all this time? Show me who you really are, Wiseman!"

"You damn fool," Wiseman whispered. Cloudy hands reached from under his cloak and seized Rubeus around his neck.

Rubeus reached imploringly towards Diamaund. "Prince!" he cried... and then screamed as Wiseman burned his flesh from his bones, leaving behind nothing but a charred skeleton that disintegrated into ash. So much for Rubeus.

Personally, I don't think there's very much to like about Rubeus. He isn't driven by anything like his leader Prince Diamaund; he doesn't even have a set position on things, like Safire. All he does is sit around and do as little work as possible, until his own well-being is threatened. At that point, he snapped out of it - but it was too little, too late.

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