These are the character shrines that I linked from the "cast" section. These shrines were selected not only because they were pleasing to me, but because they focused on the manga elements of the characters. (I've tried to give descriptions and got carried away... as a result this page is rather large... gomen nasai...)

  • Eternal Justice, by Diana. Totally manga Usagi shrine, and very well designed - full of interesting schtuff above and beyond the normal "who she is, what she likes" deal. (I really like the top ten lists. ^_^)

  • The Sailormercury Shrine of Water - by Rowena of SMCC fame. My favorite Ami shrine; analyzes Ami's character in gentle and interesting tones.

  • Fire Senshi's Realm, by Naomi. A beautiful and comprehensive shrine to Rei-chan; Naomi's articles are a joy to read, and she covers all aspects of Rei with amazing detail.

  • Dark Echo Grounds of Thunder Senshi - yup, it's another excellent Kraider shrine, brilliantly designed and written. This site goes very in-depth about Kino Makoto, and has been one of my favorites for the longest time.

  • Evolution - Skeeter's fabulous Sailorjupiter site displays her talent with webdesign to the fullest; there's lots of fun stuff to do here, and her articles manage to be lighthearted and comprehensive at the same time.

  • The Beam of the Love Senshi - yep, I picked another Kraider shrine. (I couldn't help it! They're so good!) Mina-P in all her aspects is shown here with gorgeous attention to detail.

  • Crescent Light is an amazingly thorough site, paying attention to both manga and anime. Along with Venus' role in the manga, the webmistress covers the Codename wa Sailor V series too!

  • Hourglass - Another shrine by Skeeter, with the elegance and thoroughness we've come to appreciate. The site features Sailorpluto, in all her mystery and power... and has a little bit more to do, as well. (Like, for instance, the argument that Setsuna-san ought to be matched with David Duchovny. <grin>)

  • Soldier of Revolution - Nishi's shrine to Sailorpluto - a very in-depth look at the manga version of the time senshi. I particularly like the article discussing the relationship between Pluto and Endymion.

  • Turbulence - An amazingly detailed shrine to Tenoh Haruka-san, senshi of flight and the sky. Pays detailed attention to Haruka's mysterious personality, and Ruk has a flair for writing that I can only envy.

  • fire flower is a very nicely laid out Kakyuu shrine; I particularly like how all of the information is flavored with little bits of humor. (Especially where she compares Kakyuu's hairstyle to many other famous personalities... such as Leia from Star Wars.)

  • Eien no Starlight, by Taylor, is the most amazing Three Lights shrine I've run into. Beautiful design and lighthearted writing make for a very good site, and there's a lot here. Go look.

  • Feather Dream, a lovely shrine to the oft-neglected Elios. Has lots of well-written manga info (yay!) and pictures as well.

  • Peppermint Storm is a shrine dedicated to the manga versions of the Four Generals. Lots of great analysis and pictures of the four misguided prettyboys.

  • Plumes of the Ravens is a beautiful manga-based shrine to Phobos and Deimos, Rei's guardian crows from Coronis. Nice info and analysis; lovely presentation.

  • Akashio, Adam-chan's shrine to Eudial of the Witches 5. Portrays both anime and manga Eudial in all her glory, with lots of attention to detail.

  • Memoirs of a Fish, Minki's tribute to our favorite piscine member of the Amazon Trio. Amazing amounts of information here, in a quirky easy-to-read writing style.

  • Truthless, Zee's tribute to Kotono-bucho and Asanuma-kun. As far as I know, the only shrine to Kotono and Asanuma on the web - and what a beautiful site it is! Go learn about these two sadly-neglected manga side characters.

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