Sailormoon: Attacks and Henshin

Attack When Target Result

Henshin: Moon Prism Power, Make Up! (Acts 1 to 13: Dark Kingdom)

Moon Frisbee Act 1 youma: Naru's mother Kill
Act 2 youma: Ami's teacher Kill
Act 3 Jadeite Immobilize
Act 14 Cooan Blocked
Sailor Moon Kick Act 2 youma: Ami's teacher Flinch
Moon Twilight Flash Act 4 Nephrite's shadow Kill
Act 7 Zoicite No effect
Moon Healing Escalation Act 7 Tokyo Success
Act 8 Tokyo Success
Act 11 Motoki and Luna Success
Act 11 Evil Tuxedo Kamen Failure
Act 13 Earth Success

Henshin: Moon Crystal Power, Make Up! (Acts 14 to 23: Black Moon)

Moon Princess Halation Act 14 Cooan Kill
Act 15 Beruche Kill
Act 16 Petz Kill
Act 17 Calaveras Kill
Act 18 Esmeraude No effect
(with Chibimoon) Act 23 Nemesis Kill

Henshin: Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up! (Acts 23 to 28: Infinity 1)

Moon Spiral Heart Attack Act 25 daimon Kill
Act 25 Eudial Kill
Act 28 Tellu Blocked
Act 29 Cyprine Failure
Act 31 illusions Success
Act 31 Mistress 9 Failure

Henshin: Crisis! Make Up! (Acts 29 to 33: Infinity 2; form: SuperSailormoon)

Rainbow Moon Heartache Act 29 Cyprine/Pucherol Kill
Act 31 Kaolinite Kill
Act 32 illusions Kill
Act 32 Professor Tomoe Kill
no Koibito
Snow Kaguya Kill
Rainbow Double Moon Heartache
(with Chibimoon)
Act 29 Mistress 9 Hurt

Henshin: Moon Crisis, Make Up! (Acts 34 to 42: Dead Moon)

Moon Gorgeous Meditation Act 34 lemures Kill
(with Chibimoon) Act 35 Fish Eye Kill
(with Chibimoon) Act 37 lemures Kill
Act 41 imprisoning glass Success
Act 41 Nephelenia Blocked

Henshin: Silver Moon Crystal Power! Make Up!
(Acts 42-52: Dead Moon and Stars form: Eternal Sailormoon)

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Act 42 Nephelenia Kill
Act 45 Lead Crow Kill
Act 49 Phi and Chi Kill
Act 50 evil senshi No effect
Silver Moon Crystal Power
Therapy Kiss
Act 50 evil senshi Kill
Act 51 Galaxia Blocked
Silver Moon Crystal Power!!
Eternal Power!!
Act 52 Chaos Kill

Well, surprise! Sailormoon is the most powerful senshi. Not only does she have the most kills to her credit, she's also the one who finishes off all of the arch-enemies, and restores all the senshi back to life with the sheer power of her faith and love.

The funny thing, though, is that her attacks are all power. She has no finesse, no sense of tactics; she was the only one of the senshi who had to be taught how to fight, and she's the only one who cried during her first battles. <grin> Our dear Usagi is more a lighthearted girl than a warrior, but that's her charm.

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