Sailormars: Attacks and Henshin

Attack When Target Result

Henshin: Mars Power, Make Up! (Acts 1 to 13: Dark Kingdom)

Evil spirit, begone! Act 3 Usagi Stun
Act 3 Jadeite Kill
Act 11 Metallia No effect
Rain Tree spirit Kill
Sailor Planet Attack
(with other inner senshi)
Act 10 Kunzite Kill
Act 12 Metallia No effect
Awaken!! Princess!!
(with other inner senshi)
Act 14 Serenity Success

Henshin: Mars Star Power, Make Up! (Acts 14 to 23: Black Moon)

Burning Mandala Act 14 Cooan Blocked

Henshin: Mars Planet Power, Make Up! (Acts 24 to 34: Infinity)

Mars Snake Fire Act 25 Eudial Hurt
Act 29 Cyprine No effect
Act 33 Mistress 9 No effect

Henshin: Mars Crystal Power, Make Up! (Acts 35 to 52: Dead Moon and Stars)

Mars Flame Sniper Act 36 Tiger's Eye Kill
Act 41 Circus tent Success
Sailor Planet Power Meditation * Act 41 Zirconia Hurt
Act 45 Lead Crow Blocked
(under Galaxia's control) Act 50 Sailor Quartet Hurt
Galactica Gale
(with other inner senshi)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Blocked
Galactica Planet Attack
(with all other senshi)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Seriously hurt

Sailormars is the second most powerful inner senshi. She killed Jadeite, the Rain Tree spirit, and Tiger's Eye all by herself, and was responsible for the deaths of various lemures, droids, and other such miscellany. Her sensitivity to mystical things also adds to her strength as a senshi. Her Flame Arrow can also be turned to such useful tasks as blasting escape holes out of circus tents.

Rei-chan is also the only one who can defeat enemies even when she's not in senshi form. With her slip of paper and a shout of "Evil spirit, begone!" she can banish or stun all sorts of creatures, including nosy little schoolgirls.

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* Done with Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus.

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