Sailorvenus: Attacks and Henshin

Attack When Target Result

Henshin: Venus Power, Make Up! (Acts 1 to 13: Dark Kingdom)

<boomerang> Act 7 Zoicite Kill
Sailor V Kick Act 11 Motoki Hurt
Sailor Planet Attack
(with other inner senshi)
Act 10 Kunzite Kill
Act 12 Metallia No effect
Venus Love-Me Chain Act 11 Motoki Stun
Act 11 Beryl's hair No effect
<holy blade of the moon> Act 11 Beryl Kill
Rolling Heart Vibration Act 11 Evil Tuxedo Kamen Blocked
Awaken!! Princess!!
(with other inner senshi)
Act 14 Serenity Success

Henshin: Venus Star Power, Make Up! (Acts 14 to 23: Black Moon)

Venus Love-Me Chain Act 15 droids Kill
Act 16 Petz No effect
Act 18 Kiral Kill
Act 19 Esmeraude Hurt

Henshin: Venus Planet Power, Make Up! (Acts 24 to 34: Infinity)

Venus Wink Chain Sword Act 24 daimon Kill
Act 26 Mimete Flinch
Act 33 Mistress 9 No effect
Crescent Boomerang Exam Battle 3 possessed Rei Flinch
Evil spirit, begone! Exam Battle 3 Ghost Sistern Kill

Henshin: Venus Crystal Power, Make Up! (Acts 37 to 52: Dead Moon and Stars)

Venus Love and Beauty Shock Act 39 Xenotime, Zeolite Kill
(under Galaxia's control) Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Hurt
Sailor Planet Power Meditation * Act 41 Zirconia Hurt
Galactica Gale
(with other inner senshi)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Blocked
Galactica Planet Attack
(with all other senshi)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Seriously hurt

Sailorvenus is the most powerful of all four inner senshi. She has the kills of Zoicite, Queen Beryl, Kiral, Xenotime, and Zeolite under her belt, and extra experience as Sailor V besides; it goes without saying that she's killed numerous small-time enemies as well.

As the leader of the senshi, she oftentimes has to make decisions on her own for the good of the team; it was she who first decided to give up her life to awaken Princess Serenity (Act 14). Despite her girlish childness as Aino Minako, Sailorvenus as a senshi is very much a warrior.

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* Done with Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto.

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