Sailorpluto: Attacks and Henshin

Attack When Target Result

Henshin not given (Acts 18 to 23: Black Moon)

Dead Scream Act 18 Usagi Hurt
Time! Stop!! Act 23 Black Moon enemies Successful

Henshin: Pluto Planet Power, Make Up! (Acts 28 to 34: Infinity)

Dead Scream Act 28 Tellu Kill
Chronos Typhoon Act 31 Witches 5 Kill
Act 32 Tomoe's daimons Kill
no Koibito
Snow Kayuga Blocked
Dark Dome Close Act 33 Time door Success

Henshin: Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up! (Acts 39 to 52: Dead Moon and Stars)

Dead Scream Act 39 Amazoness Quartet Miss
Sailor Planet Power Meditation * Act 41 Zirconia Hurt
Chronos Typhoon
(under Galaxia's control)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Hurt
Galactica Cannon
(with Saturn)
Act 50 Sailorchibichibi Hurt
Galactica Planet Attack
(with all other senshi)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Seriously hurt

Pluto's attacks are all powerful; most of them are successful. Pluto is also notable in having the power over Time; although there are limits on her power, she can work within those limits quite well. Also, if it were not for Pluto, the Death Busters would not have been defeated; it was her powers that closed the doorway after Pharoah 90, sealing him outside the Earth.

Any of the outer senshi are more powerful than the four inner senshi in terms of sheer attack strength. However, they still work best as a team; although the outer senshi were able to defeat the Witches 5 on their own, all of their power combined was needed to defeat Nephelenia.

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* Done with Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.

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