Sailorneptune: Attacks and Henshin

Attack When Target Result

Henshin: Neptune Planet Power, Make Up! (Acts 26 to 34: Infinity)

Deep Submerge Act 26 daimon Kill
Submarine Reflection Act 31 Witches 5 Kill
Act 32 Tomoe's daimons Kill
no Koibito
Snow Kayuga Blocked

Henshin: Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up! (Acts 39 to 52: Dead Moon and Stars)

Deep Submerge Act 39 falling boulders Success
Submarine Reflection Act 39 Circus tent Success
Sailor Planet Power Meditation * Act 41 Zirconia Hurt
Submarine Violin Tide Act 43 Iron Mouse Blocked
Galactica Violin Tide
(under Galaxia's control)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Blocked
Galactica Planet Attack
(with all other senshi)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Seriously hurt

Despite all her demure elegance, Sailorneptune is a very fine warrior. (Imagine killing people with a mirror for a talisman! The other outers had it easy.) She does not tend to be very aggressive, but her attacks are on par with those of Uranus and Pluto. Also, her mirror can see deeply into situations, and can also be used to communicate with the other senshi. And her attacks have common uses as well; "Submarine Reflection" is handy to have around when you want to blow up circus tents.

Any of the outer senshi are more powerful than the four inner senshi in terms of sheer attack strength. However, they still work best as a team; although the outer senshi were able to defeat the Witches 5 on their own, all of their power combined was needed to defeat Nephelenia.

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* Done with Pluto, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.

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