Sailorchibimoon: Attacks and Henshin

Attack When Target Result

Henshin not given (Acts 18 to 23: Black Moon)

Moon Princess Halation
(with Sailormoon)
Act 23 Nemesis Kill

Henshin: Moon Prism Power! Make Up! (Acts 25 to 34: Infinity)

Pink Sugar Heart Attack Act 28 Tellu Hurt
Act 33 Mistress 9 No effect
Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack
(with Tuxedo Kamen)
no Koibito
Snow dancers Kill

Henshin: Moon Crisis, Make Up! (Acts 39 to 47: Dead Moon and Stars)

Moon Gorgeous Meditation
(with Sailormoon)
Act 34 lemures Kill
Act 35 Fish Eye Kill
Act 37 lemures Kill

Henshin: Pink Moon Crystal Power, Make Up! (Acts 48 to 52: Stars)

Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss
(with Sailor Quartet)
Act 49 imprisoning vines Success

Chibiusa is obviously not the most powerful of the crew, by far. She has five kills to her credit, but all of those were with help from Sailormoon, Tuxedo Kamen, or the Sailor Quartet. Also, four of the kills were little things like lemures or Heavy Metal Papillon's vines or something. This is hardly impressive.

However, it can be explained by the fact that Chibimoon's still young. Presumably, she'll go through training in the future and become a powerful young woman, following in her mother's footsteps. (Yeah, straight to the nearest arcade center or ice cream shop... <grin>) Seriously though, her powers should get stronger as she gets older.

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