Miscellaneous Attacks and Henshin

Tuxedo Kamen
Tuxedo Kamen doesn't have a henshin phrase, although he has a cool henshin picture...

Attack When Target Result

Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber Act 17 Rubeus Hurt
Act 18 Akiral Kill
Act 19 Esmeraude Kill
Act 33 Mistress 9 No effect
Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack
(with Chibimoon)
no koibito
snow dancers Kill

Sorry folks, no roses; Tuxedo Kamen didn't toss flowers in the manga, although he did have the cane. I always did think Mamoru-kun got shafted in the anime. His powers lie more towards the sensory than the active; however, his one attack is pretty strong and killed off Esmeraude. That's got to count for something. He's obviously not as powerful as Rei-chan or Mina-chan, but he can definitely hold his own in a fight.

Kinmoku-sei Senshi
Starlights henshin: Fighter / Maker / Healer Star Power, Make Up!
Kakyuu henshin: Kinmoku Star Power, Make Up!
Who Attack When Target Result

Starfighter Star Serious Laser Act 44 Aluminum Siren Kill*
Act 46 Tin Nyanko Hurt
Starmaker Star Gentle Uterus Act 44 Aluminum Siren Kill*
Starhealer Star Sensitive Inferno Act 43 Iron Mouse Kill
SailorKakyuu Starlights Royal Straight Flush Act 49 Garden crystals Kill
Kinmoku Fusion Tempest Act 49 Phi Blocked

...The most powerful of the senshi, apart from Saturn and Sailormoon herself. The Starlights were the only ones (besides Sailormoon) who could kill the Anima maids. Now, if only they had more dignified attacks... <grin> They were killed while they were asleep, too, so they didn't get a chance to fight back. If they'd fought off Lethe's sleep, they might have stood a chance. As for SailorKakyuu, she didn't kill anybody with her attacks... but that's what she has the Starlights for, right?

* Okay, I don't know which of them killed her (they attacked at the same time), but she died, right?

Chibichibi-chan doesn't have any specific attack phrases (although she seems to be really good at defense and healing), but she makes up for it by being incredibly kawaii with an equally kawaii henshin phrase.

Henshin: Chibi-Chibi Crystal Power! Make Up! (Acts 46 to 52: Stars)

The Sailor Quartet
They never gave a henshin phrase...
Attack When Target Result

Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss
(with Chibimoon)
Act 49 Imprisoning vines Success
Amazoness Jungle Arrow Act 49 Heavy Metal Papillon Kill

They have a rather good track record, don't they? Unfortunately, they don't stick around for very long either. Their combined powers killed an Anima Maid (and one of the cooler ones too), so I'd rank all four of them together as better or equal to a single Starlight. They seem to work as a group, anyway, so I suppose it all works out.

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