Elysion is a land deep within the Earth. It is a place of peace and contemplation, green fields and bright skies. It is guarded by the priest Elios, who watches over its health. The Earth itself is protected by the Earth Prince, Endymion. Throughout time, even though he is sometimes unaware of it, he has worked towards the health and well-being of the Earth.

Blossoming of a black rose These two places and two people - Elysion, Earth, Elios, and Mamoru - all four are linked together in spirit. The health of one depends on the health of all; these four resonate together.

Unfortunately, Nephelenia's opening gambit was to set a curse on Elysion, and take Elios captive. She trapped his physical form in a cage. Because Elysion is interlinked with Mamoru, Elysion, and the Earth, all four of them were affected. Mamoru got stabbing pains in his chest, and began having difficulty breathing and coughing up blood. But far worse was the fact that the curse spreading over Elysion would take over Earth. Nephelenia's nightmares would soon overcome Elysion's fragile protection and attack the Earth from within.

While Elios was captive, he was still able to communicate with Mamoru and the senshi. He sent his spirit to them, and revealed to them the connections between Mamoru and Elysion. Nephelenia's curse on Elysion manifested itself as a spreading field of black roses; Elios showed that black roses were blossoming and casting their shadows on Mamoru's lungs as well. Nephelenia had cast a powerful curse; by attacking Elysion, the land within the Earth, she was attacking Mamoru's body from within as well. The resonance between the four of them had come into effect.

Elysion/Elios/Earth/Mamoru are not the only ones to demonstrate this sort of interconnection. Usagi feels it with the Moon as well; as Nephelenia's power spread over the Moon, Usagi doubled over and began coughing up blood as well. Elios managed to tell them one crucial fact: while the Silver Crystal could defeat Nephelenia, only the Golden Crystal could heal the Earth.

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