"These little nightmares incarnate, the lemure-chan-tachi, they want you, filled up with dreams. How would you like to join the Dead Moon Circus? Let's spread nightmares around the world together." - Hawk's Eye to Makoto, Act 37

Lemures are little spiky black spherical thingies that float about in the air. They tend to come in swarms, grinning madly at you as they attack. They also seem to cackle in little high-pitched voices. They are, as the quote above shows, nightmares incarnate.

Lemures Their attack method is to cluster in groups about their intended target (usually a senshi), laughing gleefully, and drain the person of energy and will as they swarm. Then they gather closer (still grinning devilishly though) and proceed to suck the victim's beautiful dreams away, replacing them with dark nightmares.

In addition to their flying, giggling, and energy-draining, Lemures can also disguise themselves as people. During the beauty pageant that Minako joined, a couple of them pretended to be crying little children atop a high tower. However, when Mina-chan reached them and tried to rescue them, she got an unpleasant surprise: the "children" turned into black spiky balls and tried to swarm her.

The lemures go where the Dead Moon folk tell them to go, and they don't have trouble following orders. They seem to work most often under the direction of the Amazoness Quartet. (The Quartet think that they're cute.) Although they are nuisances, they are also easy to kill - one blast from any senshi and they're out of commission.

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