The Sailor Senshi Page Sailormoon Cybercity
General Sailormoon pages, with anime and manga information.

  • The Sailor Senshi Page -- a wonderfully informative site, covering everything from anime to manga to the Sera-Myu musicals. Spiced with very strong opinions and fun to read. Also, I highly recommend the fanfiction here.

  • Usagi and -- beautifully detailed information about Usagi and Mamoru, and much more - including a shrine to Chibiusa, manga summaries, image galleries - the works.

  • Letocities - a world of Sailormoon -- a huge site, and one of my favorites. Absolutely amazing. Full of everything from basic information to little details about both the anime and manga, and beautifully written.

  • Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millenium -- a huge, comprehensive, and well-organized page, full of information and facts that you can't find anywhere else.

  • Sailor Skivvies Fashion Shop -- The site's as creative as the name, with an informative site map to guide you through mountains of well-written information and really amusing image galleries.

  • -- A general SM site that manages at once to be extremely cute and extremely informative. Wonderful reading; beautiful design.

  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Anime and Manga -- the comprehensive Sailormoon site. Just what it says - episode summaries and character profiles for anime and manga Sailormoon.

  • Sailormoon CyberCity -- a truly beautiful site, full of unique information and gorgeous design. Features shrines to the inner senshi, attack strength ratings, and the beginnings of the Sailormoon manga.

  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon -- Hitoshi Doi's online Sailormoon encyclopedia. Covers all aspects of Sailormoon with exhaustive detail. Not at all pretty, since it's a very old site -- but trust me, it's one of the best out there.

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