The Inner Senshi's Height Comparison Chart!

The reason why the inner senshi have their own height page is because their chart is so huge. This is the very beginning - when Takeuchi-sensei is planning out the main characters that are going to star in her manga.

This pic was taken from the Materials Collection book (I colored it, cleaned it up, and took out the vertical lines of the paper that it was drawn on) - and if anyone can read Takeuchi-sensei's handwriting, I need your help...

Makoto-chan's tall! And Minako is second tallest, with Ami a close third... and Rei and Usagi are absolutely tiny. Whoa... I guess Takeuchi-sensei changed her mind after this initial sketch, because from what I can tell from the manga, all the girls except for Mako-chan are the same height throughout the series.

(You know this is a pre-manga sketch because Mako-chan has a cigarette in her mouth. Originally, she was supposed to have this "tough girl" image, but Takeuchi-sensei changed that. Thank goodness! A smoking Mako-chan... wouldn't she get ashes in all her cooking? ick...)

The characters in parentheses pointing to Minako say "Leader," no doubt referring to the fact that she leads the senshi in battle. The commentary for Ami is "Brain," which is amusing... and the thing that's pointing to Rei says "Sub-leader." I guess she and Minako are supposed to work together. In her speech bubble, Rei's saying the equivalent of "Huh." I guess she's not too pleased to be in this group sketch - perhaps she's got better things to do.

The characters at the very bottom are each girl's name - from left to right (as if you didn't know already), they're Rei-chan, Usagi-chan, Mako-chan, V-chan, and Ami-chan.

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