Height Comparison

Welcome to the first page of height comparison charts! I've added a running commentary for your amusement and edification. (Probably providing more of the former than the latter.) We have the outer senshi, the Starlights, and the Tsukino kids below.

outer senshi heights This is one of the concept sketches for the outer senshi. As you can see, Haruka and Setsuna share the title of "tallest" - although it looks like Naoko-sensei had to fudge things a little bit. (Haruka's feet aren't touching the ground.)

Michiru is only slightly shorter than Haruka (which is good; they look nicer together that way). Hotaru-chan is only half a head shorter than her foster parents; I think that she ended up being much shorter in the manga. Even when in her teenaged form, she was never this tall.

This is a preliminary sketch; as you can see, Saturn-chan doesn't have a glaive quite yet. Before she had a glaive, Naoko-sensei wanted to give her this weird thing that looks like it has a big flower sticking out of it... good thing she changed her mind, huh? Saturn looks much more threatening with her glaive. My thanks to Gene, who informed me that "Naoko notes in Japanese that Saturn "carries a cane <or staff>" and it looks like it's made of wood." (ilsevet can't read Takeuchi-sensei's handwriting. Shameful, I know.)

stars season heights Here we have the Kinmokusei senshi as compared to the three older outer senshi. (Kinda blurry, I know, but the pic wouldn't scan right. My apologies.)

Haruka only looks shorter than Seiya; as we know from the first sketch on this page, Haruka's the same height as Setsuna. Haruka's only short here 'cause her head is tilted sideways. (Hitsuji-chan informs me that this makes a difference of about a centimeter. I'll take her word for it.)

So now we know that Taiki's a giant - I believe she's taller even than Setsuna. (The head-tilting thing works for her too.) Seiya's the same height as Michiru, and poor Yaten is the shortest of all. (That must be why she prefers to stand next to Seiya. The contrast is much less than what it would be if she were standing next to Taiki instead.)

Yes, I know I'm being silly.

Tsukino kids heights Here, we have one secondary (perhaps even tertiary) character and two definite stars of the show - from left to right, Tsukino Shingo, Tsukino Chibiusa, and Tsukino Usagi herself!

Chibiusa looks a little shocked, don't you think? I gather that she doesn't much like being in the middle. It reminds her a little too much that she's named Chibiusa for a reason. This is obviously Chibiusa's most childlike form, before she starts growing up - in fact, this was one of the preparatory sketches for the Black Moon arc, the first time we meet Chibiusa. She sure is small, isn't she? The tops of her odango only reach Usagi's shoulder. Even Shingo is a whole head taller than she. (She's actually Shingo's niece. That's just weird.)

Shingo obviously hasn't started his growth spurt yet, either, but I bet he's not going to be half-a-head shorter than Usagi for much longer. Boys his age tend to start sprouting like weeds.

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