Height Comparison

Welcome to the second page of height comparison charts! I've added a running commentary for your amusement and edification. (Probably providing more of the former than the latter.) We have some miscellaneous characters, the Black Moon family, and the Ayakashi sisters below.

Mako, Asanuma, and Unazuki This sketch was done for the Black Moon arc - from left to right, their labels are Mako-chan (obviously!), Asanuma-chan (Why is he -chan? Poor man. I'll call him -kun anyway, just to save his dignity.) and Unazuki-chan, Motoki's sister who works at the Crown Fruit Parlor.

Wow, poor Asanuma-kun - his cherished Makoto-senpai is half-a-head taller than he is! No wonder she doesn't need his protection... and he's not all that tall, either; he's around the same height as Unazuki-chan. (That's what the words pointing to them say - "About the same.") He does look rather startled at the fact, isn't he? He's all wide-eyed... or maybe that's because he's in such close proximity to Mako-chan. <grin>

Mako-chan's tilting her head towards Asanuma (see? She does like him! ^_^), so ordinarily I'd say that this throws off the height comparisons a bit. But not this time - she's not tilting very far.

Furuhata Unazuki-chan is in such a characteristic pose... so genki! She looks like she's in a hurry, too; Takeuchi-sensei must have pulled her away from her job to make this sketch.

Here, we have the lovely Black Moon family. From left to right, they are Rubeus, Diamaund, Safire, and Esmeraude. (Just in case you couldn't read the kana at the bottom, or identify them off the top of your head.)

Folks, I'm afraid that this chart is misleading. From looking at it, it would seem that Rubeus is the tallest, followed by Esmeraude, then Diamaund and Safire.

However, mark the fact that Rubeus has his head tilted sideways, and is in fact leaning to one side. He is even taller than he looks. Next, see Esmeraude's feet? See those amazing high heels? She's much shorter than she looks.

Diamaund and Safire, however have no excuses. Safire's the shortest of them all, there's no doubt about it. (But he's a bit of a wimp anyway, so it's to be expected.) Diamaund gets over his own shortness (at least he's taller than Safire) by sitting in his throne all the time and drinking wine, so we don't tend to notice his height.

Last but not least, the Ayakashi sisters! I gave them coloring so that they'd be prettier. I'm sure that they approve. In case you can't read Takeuchi-san's handwriting, they're Cooan, Beruche, Calaveras, and Petz.

Petz is obviously the tallest. The top of her head is on a level with Calaveras' bow. This makes a lot of sense, because Petz is Makoto-chan's counterpart; Makoto is the tallest of the inner senshi, so naturally Petz must be the tallest of the Ayakashi sisters.

Calaveras is second-tallest. If you'll look at the height chart for the inner senshi, you'll see that Minako, Calaveras' counterpart, is also the second-tallest. Plus, they both have great big bows in their hair that throw off the height comparisons.

Cooan is sort of medium height. Like her counterpart Rei, she looks rather miffed, and wears high heels. It may seem that Beruche is shorter than Cooan, but look closely - the only reason Cooan looks taller is because of those weird hair spikes that she wears. She and Beruche are actually the same height.

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