Shallow then Halo Manga Style!
General Sailormoon pages, with manga-centric information.

  • Shallow then Halo -- Danielle's site, home to the Reflections manga gallery, an amazing tribute to the manga villains of the series, and great fanfiction, among other manga goodies.

  • Ladywren's Sailormoon -- enormous gallery of beautiful manga pictures and doujinshi scans, an interesting and original opinions/info section, and plenty of other stuff to keep a Sailormoon fan occupied.

  • Ascension Dream -- Sexylyon's site. Check out the Sailormoon section. Lots of information and opinions, and an excellent image gallery. I'm particularly fond of her illustrated manga summaries, and her fanfiction is amazing.

  • The One and Only Sailormoon! -- Yay, Naruchan's site is back! It's got a whole new beautiful design, lots of scans, and what promises to be a very comprehensive look at the Sailormoon manga.

  • Usagi's Garden -- a lovely site focusing on the manga Sailormoon. This site uses the "garden" theme much more than mine does, and has more entertaining stuff to do. It also has senshi profiles and artbook scans.

  • Manga Style! -- A beautiful and very friendly manga site. Features beautiful scans of images from all five artbooks, as well as tankoubon covers. Also has a lot of information on how the Sailormoon series got started, where to get the Sailormoon manga, and some very nice Paint Shop Pro tips.

  • Bunny's Ambition -- A pretty site with tons of info on the Mixx translation of the Sailormoon manga, including a great list of differences between translations.

  • Sailor Saturn's Tour Through Manga Tokyo -- A completely manga-based page; season summaries, character pages, and fanart. Nice black-and-white Saturn-centric design.

  • Dreaming in Colour -- a beautifully designed site, and one of my personal favorites. Monthly features, lots of good information, and all about Takeuchi-san's manga.

Dreaming in Colour Usagi's Garden
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