Furuhata Motoki Furuhata Motoki - an older boy who works at the Crown Game Center; his father actually owns the Center. He is such close friends with the inner senshi that they call him onii-san, or "big brother." Ami and Makoto had crushes on him, and he was among the first to discover that the schoolgirls were actually the sailor senshi. Nephrite tried to use Motoki to trap Makoto, but the senshi rescued them both. Evil Tuxedo Kamen hypnotized him to gain access to the Game Center, but the senshi rescued him again. (That's when he recognized them.) Called "Furu-chan" by his friends, Motoki is tall, blond, and boyishly handsome. At the beginning of the series, he is a freshman studying literature at K.O. University.

Reika Reika - Motoki's girlfriend. She only makes very brief appearances, so her character isn't very developed. She seems to be a nice enough girl, polite and perceptive, with beautiful wavy blond hair. She attends the nearby women's science college. She also knows a lot about crystals and minerals; through her, we find out exactly what jaedite, nephrite, zoicite, and kunzite are. She's also the one who called the senshi's attention to the fact that there was something wrong about Endou-kun.

Endou Endou - Motoki's best friend; he was blond, wore glasses, and teased Motoki about Reika. He was vaporized by Evil Tuxedo Kamen, who subsequently assumed his name and identity. (However, this death may not have been permanent; there are appearances of a character who looks suspiciously like the original Endou hanging around Motoki in later chapters. Maybe the ginzuishou brought him back to life or something; Naoko-sensei never makes it very clear.)

Furuhata UnazukiFuruhata Unazuki - Unazuki-chan is Motoki's little sister; like her brother, she works at the Crown Game Center. She is a waitress, enthusiastic and fast-talking, and Makoto's friend. Apparently, her cooking is as popular as Makoto's, which is hard to believe - but Mako-chan makes better cakes. The Furuhata family owns both the Crown Game Center and the Crown Fruit Parlor, and Unazuki works at both stores. Her red hair is usually tied back with a ribbon, but thick strands escape to frame her face. She is a first-year high school student at T*A Private Girls' School.

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