Amazoness Quartet Ginzuishou Plus! These fit no category, but are very good nonetheless.

  • The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko -- just what it says. A startling amount of Naoko's manga works, kindly and generously translated into English for your pleasure.

  • -- a great resource for Naoko Takeuchi fans, and beautifully constructed as well. Contains pages dedicated to PQAngels (of course), the Cherry Project, Codename wa Sailor V, and (naturally!) Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Spiced with amusing commentary from Peanut and Kyuuri.

  • The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever -- The original review site for Sailormoon pages, by the Amazoness Quartet. Their reviews are amusing, informative, and well-written; they also feature a helpful Page Tips section.

  • The Small Lady -- a one-person webpage reviewer; her reviews are comprehensive and helpful without being too scathing, and she gives pages letter grades.

  • Senshi Battle Zone -- Many hilarious readings - senshi vs. senshi, and much more! (If for nothing else, go and admire Sailor Callisto's incredible web design technique -- I am so jealous.)

  • Generals Love -- I admit it, I'm a pushover for Silver Millenium fanfics, and romance is a bonus. And this is the absolute best place to find them.

  • A Sailor Moon Romance -- the title says it all. A huge repository of fanart and fanfics -- and one of them is mine. *smile*

  • Leo and Ban's Art Collections -- just what it says. Amazing fanart. Go see!

  • Ginzuishou Plus! -- not just a gallery for some of the most beautiful artworks I've ever seen, both Sailormoon-related and not, but also includes art lessons and the artist takes requests, too.

  • Sharem's Fanart Studio -- I adore Sharem's art, fan- and otherwise. Not only can she sketch, but her coloring skills are absolutely amazing. Check it out.

  • The Kawaii Lounge -- Sydney's fanart is not to be missed, and she is equally skilled at animanga and comic book art styles.

Generals Love The Small Lady
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