Shadows of the Past

Way back in the old Silver Millenium, Beryl fell in love with the young Earth Prince, a fine young man named Endymion. This in itself was not at all surprising. Endymion was a prime catch for any young lady - besides being next in line to the throne of the Earth Kingdom, he was also extremely handsome, sensitive, intelligent, and altogether desirable.

True love - Endymion and Serenity Unfortunately, he was also taken. He was truly and deeply in love with Princess Serenity, a pale young beauty from the Moon who was destined someday to wield great power. His love for her was equalled only by her love for him; their match was one of minds, hearts, and souls. The two of them tried to meet in secret, but Beryl spied on them, and found them out.

Her rage and jealousy was unparalleled. She turned her attentions towards one thing only - she was determined to destroy the woman who had stolen Endymion from her. Driven by her fury, she felt herself being drawn towards the Arctic Circle... there, she wandered among ruins marked with curses, the legacy of the once-powerful Dark Kingdom. At a certain point, marked Point D, she found an ancient seal. Sensing a dark surge of power beneath it, she thought, perhaps I can use this power to aid me in defeating that woman from the Moon... Steeling herself, she reached her hand forward and broke the seal.

From that day forward, her mind and soul were not her own.

An ancient evil named Queen Metallia had been bound inside that seal. Queen Metallia was still partially bound, but she managed to infuse Beryl with a portion of her essence. Metallia sent Beryl forth with one command: get the ginzuishou! For with the power of the ginzuishou, Metallia could free herself of her prison forever.

The ginzuishou The ginzuishou, the silver crystal of legend, was held by the royal family of the Moon. Therefore, Beryl declared war on the long-lived, gentle people of the Moon Kingdom. Especially a certain young princess named Serenity, who was one day to inherit the powers of the ginzuishou. Since her destruction was perfectly in line with Beryl's wishes, she eagerly agreed to Metallia's goals.

Beryl used her newfound dark powers to gain control over the minds of the people of the Earth. She convinced them that the people of the Moon were their enemies - that the long-lived Moon Kingdom was subjugating the Earth, and that the people of the Earth needed to take over the Moon Kingdom to realize their freedom. As Metallia's influence grew, the Earth itself was sickened; ugly black monoliths sprang up out of nowhere and marred the landscape. Beryl's power was so great that she even managed to subvert Endymion's four trusted generals. The only one that she could not convince was Endymion himself; his mind was clear and he could see through her lies.

Endymion She raised a great army, led by Endymion's four generals. They fought and destroyed their way to the Palace of the Moon, until they reached the point where Endymion protected Serenity with sword drawn. "Stop this useless fighting!" he commanded them. He turned to his generals. "Can't you see that she's using you?!" But Beryl raised her own sword, and the shadow of Metallia rose up behind her with glee as she swung a killing blow at the Moon Princess.

Desperately, Endymion flung himself between the falling sword and his lover. Serenity screamed his name as the sword bit deeply into his body. Consumed with grief, she seized his sword and thrust it into her own heart. The four generals stared at the body of their prince in horror, realization dawning in their faces. Beryl whirled to face them as they made to avenge their prince. "You pledged your loyalty to me!" she cried. "Never forget that!" She killed them where they stood.

But Endymion's and Serenity's deaths did not go unavenged. Sailorvenus, protector of Serenity, was ready and waiting. She grabbed her sword - the holy blade of the Moon - and swung fiercely at Beryl, slicing her through the chest.

Beryl bowing to Metallia Queen Serenity and the inner senshi combined their powers to seal Queen Metallia away once more. However, the shock of losing her daughter had weakened Queen Serenity. In her weakened state, she was unable to use the full power of the ginzuishou. This time the seal binding Metallia was thin and flawed.

With the last of her strength, Queen Serenity sent forward in time the spirits of her daughter, her daughter's lover Endymion, and the sailor senshi, protectors of the princess. The essence of the ginzuishou also went forward in time, safe within the spirit of the Moon Princess.

However, the senshi were not the only ones to be reincarnated. Beryl was reincarnated as well, her memories intact. Because the seal was weak, Queen Metallia was able to reach Beryl's mind. Beryl gleefully assumed her dark powers once more, establishing herself as Queen of the Dark Kingdom. When Endymion's generals were reincarnated, she seized their minds and destroyed their memories, making them her tools. By the time Usagi and Mamoru were awakened, Beryl was ready and waiting for them. She was focused on obtaining two things for herself - the legendary ginzuishou, and the handsome Prince of the Earth. This time, she resolved, she would not be defeated.

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