General Policy

I'm a fairly tolerant/generous person when it comes to people taking my images, within these bounds: Venus

  • Don't link directly. Save it to your own server. Leave me my bandwidth; there's enough to go 'round if we use it right.
  • Don't take everything. Please? I may be feeling selfish here, but I'd really like my site to look unique.
  • Give me credit. This is optional. But you have no idea how much I'd appreciate it.
  • Send me an e-mail. This, too, is optional. I'll never say "no," but I like to keep track of where my images are, and how they look in other places.
That's it. Here's hoping that they look as good (or better!) on your site as they do on mine. The bottom line is: take anything you want, but don't rip off my entire site. I'll be quite happy if you can use bits and pieces of my site to make your own look nicer, but let's all try to be individuals here, huh?

Content is an entirely different matter. I know my writing, and I'd rather not see it anywhere on the net except my own site. If you steal my content, Venus-chan over there on the right is going to come after you with that great big sword...

<grin> Was all that clear? Good.

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