Anima Maids - First Wave

The first wave of Anima Maids began their attack before Usagi really knew what was going on, or how to fight her battles. Each Anima Maid is named for a metal and an animal, as you will no doubt notice. Each is from a planet whose rightful senshi was killed, and their bracelets hold the stolen power of that senshi.

"I finally found you, and now you expect me to let you escape?" - Iron Mouse, Act 43

Iron Mouse Iron Mouse doesn't make much of an appearance. She appears - and dies - in Act 43 of the manga, the first section of the Stars arc. She crashed a Three Lights concert and attacked the Starlights, hoping to get their crystals for Galaxia. The Kinmokusei senshi dodged, and she found herself fighting the senshi of Sol system. All of their attacks were absorbed by her bracelet, but one blow from SailorStarhealer's "Star Sensitive Inferno" shattered her bracelets. When her bracelet was gone, her body was destroyed as well. We don't get much chance to find anything out about her; she's more of a plot device than anything else.

She's an incredibly kawaii plot device, though. Sailor Iron Mouse is cute and perky-looking; she has huge white ears atop her head and dresses in a small white outfit with white poofs. Her hair is white and her eyes are gray. Her attack is "Galactica Crunch."

"For Galaxia-sama, I will take the Sailor Crystals!" - Aluminum Siren, Act 44

Aluminum Siren Aluminum Siren first appears under a cloak and hood, a mysterious gloating figure. She is drawn by the power of Seiya's singing (How careless, Sailor Starfighter!) and attacks Seiya and Usagi immediately. Makoto and Ami immediately rush forward to protect Usagi. Haruka's "Space Turbulence" is ineffective, and Sailormoon didn't manage to complete her attack. Starfighter and Starmaker's simultaneous attacks blow Siren to shreds - but too late to stop her from taking Makoto's and Ami's sailor crystals.

Sailor Aluminum Siren dresses elegantly, her silver-and-blue outfit complementing her free-flowing knee-length light blue hair. Her tunic is laced loosely across her front, exposing quite a lot of cleavage and midriff. When she is in senshi form, slender white ribbons crisscross her face and frame her blue eyes, giving her a rather exotic look. Pink garters and white ballet shoes complete her ensemble. Her attack phrase: "Galactica Tsunami!"

"I will drag Sailor Moon out to our beautiful stage." - Lead Crow, Act 45

Lead Crow

Lead Crow makes her first appearance after Siren's death, promising success to Galaxia. Then she goes to the Hikawa shrine and calls out Phobos and Deimos; it turns out that Lead Crow now carries the stolen sailor crystal of Sailor Coronis. (Coronis is the home planet of Phobos and Deimos.) Lead Crow destroys the shrine, and Sailormars arrives just in time to see Phobos and Deimos disintegrate. Crow is a bit of a showman.

She threatens Sailormars and Sailorvenus next, but before she can actually do any more harm, Sailormoon shows up and destroys Lead Crow with a cry of "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!" Rei and Minako, reprieved from battle, turn gladly towards Usagi... but Galaxia suddenly appears and steals their sailor crystals right before Usagi's eyes.

Lead Crow is clad in an earthy brown that complements her long brown hair. Her skin is also darker than that of the other anima maids. Black feathery wings arch proudly from her back, and black feathers adorn her shoulders; she also wears thigh-high brown boots. Her attack is "Galactica Tornado!" And yes, that is a whip that she's carrying.

"The only ones you can believe in are your fellow girls, I think. But, Usagi-chan... Those who wear boys clothes despite being girls... You shouldn't trust what they say, mew." - Tin Nyanko, Act 45

Tin Nyanko Tin Nyanko gets herself transferred into Usagi-tachi's high school, posing as "Suzu Nyanko," a transfer student from Libya. She attaches herself to Usagi right away, and is openly wary of the Three Lights; she has a tendency to say "mew" at the end of her sentences.

Luna and Artemis find her out and call her a fake cat. They also call her a traitor for stealing the power of Sailor Mau, the senshi of their planet Mau. Tin Nyanko retorts that Mau belongs to Galaxia, and strikes down Diana, Luna, and Artemis. She doesn't kill them, but she deprives them of their ability to speak. Starfighter appears and drives Tin Nyanko away with "Star Serious Laser;" Galaxia later kills Tin Nyanko for her failure.

Tin Nyanko has golden eyes and black hair molded into cat's ears, as well as braids dangling from their tips. She dresses in a cute, skimpy black outfit, and even has a long black tail. Her attack is "Galactica Puppet!"

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