Anima Maids - Second Wave

The difference between the Anima Maids of the first wave and those of the second lies in this: The power that the second wave Anima Maids hold is rightfully their own. They may be working for Galaxia, but she did not give them their powers. The Anima Maids on this page ally themselves with Galaxia for reasons of their own.

"Those with life... are born to die." - Lethe to Usagi, Act 48
"I don't want a sailor senshi the same as me to be hurt by you." - Mnemosyne to Lethe, Act 48

Lethe and Mnemosyne Sailorlethe of the planet Lethe and Sailormnemosyne of the planet Mnemosyne would have been senshi even without Galaxia's bracelets on their wrists. In fact, they were planet senshi before they had even met Galaxia. However, their planets were small and constantly warring, never finding peace. Then Galaxia came, and death and silence descended on their worlds. Lethe and Mnemosyne vowed to follow Galaxia, because if Galaxia's victory could unite the galaxy, then their planets would finally be at peace.

They serve Galaxia by guarding the huge rivers surrounding the Shadow Galactica Empire's Galactica Palace. Lethe guards the river of oblivion, and Mnemosyne guards the river of memory. The rivers themselves are set in the middle of a parched, dry desert, so that people entering the desert are forced to drink the water. Their pink hair is in four winding ponytails, and they wear wispy knee-length dresses. Lethe

Lethe's dress is dark green, and her eyes are hard. When Sailormoon, Chibi-chibi, and the Kinmokusei senshi arrive at Zero Star of Sagittarius, Lethe gives them water from her river. Then she proceeds to try to demoralize Usagi, who doesn't even remember who she is any more - she can't remember her name, nor who gave her the ring that adorns her finger. Lethe kills the three moon cats with a blast of power, saying that their lives have no value. However, despite the water of forgetfulness, Usagi clings to her belief that she needs friends, and that she came to save them. Finally, Lethe blasts her, crying "Galactica Myosotis Alpestris!*" Usagi falls, and Lethe raises her braceleted arms again.

Mnemosyne Suddenly, she is pushed aside - by a senshi dressed just like her, except in light pink, with softer eyes. This is Mnemosyne, who gives Usagi some of her water of memory and rescues Chibichibi and the Kinmokusei senshi as well. The two desert river senshi confront one another, and remember their original oath - to fight for peace. When Kakyuu points out that Galaxia is the senshi of destruction and will bring no one peace, Lethe retorts that Sailormoon's great power brings war at all - and that her death was just the same as Galaxia's, as far as peace went.

Usagi says quietly that if her death would bring peace, then she was willing to be killed - for peace was her mission. This statement makes the two desert river senshi pause, and then they tell her to go on unharmed - for they see that killing her will not end any war at all. As they speak these words, Phi and Chi appear, calling them fools; they raise their staffs and blast Lethe and Mnemosyne. Their bracelets fall off, and they reach out and hold one another's hands as their bodies disappear.

"I will give you the most beautiful and saddening funeral procession ever!" - Heavy Metal Papillon to Usagi, Chibichibi, and Kakyuu, Act 49

Heavy Metal Papillon

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon calls herself the soul hunter, and surrounds herself with butterflies. According to her, the butterflies are the final remnants of dying star seeds. She has wavy blue hair, purple eyes, and great vibrantly colored butterfly wings springing from her back. ("Papillon" means "butterfly" in French.)

She appears directly after Lethe and Mnemosyne die. Usagi, Kakyuu, and Chibichibi are horrified to see three crosses in the ground, with the faces of the three Starlight senshi upon them. Then Heavy Metal Papillon appears and shows them three more graves, open and ready - with their own faces on the gravestones.

While they stare in horror, she reaches out a hand - and vines shoot from the open graves, whip around their bodies, and bind them to crosses. Heavy Metal Papillon then surrounds the helpless senshi with flames, declaring that they would burn to death. Fortunately, Sailorchibimoon appears just in time, along with the Sailor Quartet. Their cry of "Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss" releases Usagi and the others from the crosses, and "Amazoness Jungle Arrow" rips Heavy Metal Papillon apart. We never get to find out why she was fighting, or what she was fighting for.

"New sailor crystals have made their way here... We have you in our grasp!" - Phi, Act 49
"I must sacrifice the infinite power in the Silver Moon Crystal to the Shadow Galactica!" - Chi, Act 49

Chi and Phi In contrast to Lethe and Mnemosyne, Phi and Chi have no redeeming values whatsoever. They call themselves the Star Gardeners, and seem determined to gather every senshi's sailor crystal into the great Garden Crystal for Galaxia's benefit. Both are tall and imposing, with pale green hair piled atop their heads. Phi dresses in dark green with a high slitted skirt, and Chi wears a red pantsuit, both with chunky crystal fastenings. (Just for reference, the picture shows Chi on the left, and Phi on the right.)

They appear over and over again throughout the Stars arc, constantly apologizing to Galaxia for the other Anima Maids' failures. When Lethe and Mnemosyne decided to let Usagi live, they appeared and blasted the desert river senshi away without hesitation, calling them fools - and took their sailor crystals, as well as those of the Starlights, to present to Galaxia.

They meet Sailormoon again after Heavy Metal Papillon is defeated. They surround Usagi, Chibiusa, Chibichibi, Kakyuu, and the Sailor Quartet with giant crystals. Kakyuu blows up the crystals. Phi retaliates with "Galactica Plants Blizzard," but Kakyuu manages to block the attack and Usagi rips Phi to shreds with "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss." However, Chi lunges forward and thrusts her staff straight through Kakyuu's body, killing her. Usagi takes a moment to mourn her friend, then destroys Chi with a blast of sheer power from her moon rod, not even bothering to shout an attack.

Much thanks to Alex Glover, who figured out that Lethe's attack (Myosotis Alpestris) was actually the scientific name of an alpine species of the forget-me-not flower.

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