Ami with books Welcome to the Moon Garden's fanfiction section! Sit back, make yourself comfortable, and let our hostess Ami-chan bring you your choice of fanstuffs based on the work of our esteemed Naoko-sensei! (Doesn't she look cute?)

*grin* ...I'm afraid your selection is kind of limited at the moment. I've only got three finished short fics and one long one (shown below). Lots and lots of works-in-progress are sitting on my puter, but none of those are even mildly presentable as of yet... I made the mistake of putting an unfinished fic up too; you can find it at the bottom. (Gomen nasai!) The gods only know when I'll get it done... ahh, writer's block...

I like to call myself a purist, which I interpret as being loyal to the events in the manga, and the spirit of the characters. This doesn't mean that I can't twist them to my own advantage... but you won't find Prince Diamaund falling madly in love with Minako, or Usagi suddenly turning into a math genius, or anything like that. The characters - and plotline - will remain as faithful to the original as I can make 'em.

The title of this one: "Stitch in Time." It's based around a senshi who isn't even close to being my favorite - but Sailorpluto is such an enigma that I had to write about her. Why does she, out of all the senshi, have limitations on her powers? What kind of past made her into the woman she is today? (God knows that no little child has that kind of personality.) Warning: mild lemon flavor and what may seem like out-of-character activity -- but it all straightens out. Trust me. Young Pluto

  • Part 1
    ...creating one's own destiny...
  • Part 2
    ...between love and duty...
  • Part 3
    ...advice from unexpected quarters...
  • Part 4
    ...healing and consequences...

This fanfic also won the "Silver Crystal Award" from Kaioh Minako! Click here to see the award.

Haruka/Michiru This one is an experiment in writing styles; it's rather short, but explores Haruka and Michiru's relationship during tankoubon 8. (Yes, while Haruka's flirting with Usagi and Michiru's toying with Mamoru... and meanwhile, everyone is running around having premonitions of the coming ruin.) I never really had Haruka and Michiru straight in my head, and this helped me define their characters - and their relationship with one another.

Finding a Balance

This fanfic also won the "Copper Crystal Award" from Kaioh Minako! Click here to see the award.

Another short - in a more normal writing style. I like how it begins, although I'm still dissatisfied with my prose near the end. This one features Makoto and Haruka.

Haruka/Makoto Writer's Note:
For those who care, Kanemaru Sachie is real. She was really nice to a lost, confused English-speaking student (yes, that would be me) in the Kyoto airport. Kanemaru-san was very helpful and kind, and although she'll never read this story, I had to stick her in there anyway.

Rei/Minako This short is set right after the defeat of Galaxia and Chaos, on the very day that Usagi brings everyone back to life. Starring Rei and Minako. Specifically manga-based, (of course!) because the kinship that I explore here does not exist in the anime.

Gifts of Love

This fanfic also won the "Copper Crystal Award" from Kaioh Minako! Click here to see the award.

This is a tiny little fic that just popped into my head the other day. It features Setsuna and Haruka while they're trying to raise little Hotaru, so it's set right after the Infinity arc.

The stylistic change is due to reading too many of the GWing fics at gundam wing on acid. Joyce Wakabayashi has got to be one of the most talented writers out there - able to say a lot in very few words. (No, this has nothing remotely to do with Sailormoon - but I figured I'd credit her for the inspiration.)

I am also (sporadically) working on a rather involved fanfic for the SailorMoon universe and everyone inside it; it takes place in the New Silver Millenium. You know, after all the events in the manga, during the reign of Queen Serenity of the Moon and King Endymion of the Earth. I've even written a prologue! And a good bit of Part One, but you'll get that later. I promise.

Yeah, I know there isn't much here. If you're wanting more, visit A Sailor Moon Romance, which houses the fanworks of many other talented writers.

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