Tenoh Haruka first appears on the scene at a racetrack, stepping out of a car, greeted by applause. Haruka can usually be recognized from the short-cut, white-blond hair, the lanky frame with its confident stance, the hint of challenge in the perceptive dark blue eyes...

Although Haruka often dresses (quite convincingly, too) as a man, she is definitely a woman. (I get the feeling that Haruka would have been a man, were she not a senshi; however, senshi have to be female.) I guess Haruka just prefers people to see her as a male; she's certainly brash and arrogant enough as it is. But, as Haruka herself says, "A man, a woman... Is it that important what I am?"

Tenoh Haruka attended the exclusive Mugen Gakuen school along with her partner, the elegant Michiru, and races fast cars for a living. She is doing quite well, apparently, if you take into account her luxurious apartment complex and the fact that she owns and pilots her own helicopter. She also appears to be pretty good at the martial arts. (During the Infinity arc, Haruka sparred with Makoto and defeated her soundly.) Haruka has a tendency to be enigmatic and mysterious, never giving away everything; she also tends to be rude and impatient. And when she wants to, she can appear and disappear with the wind.

When Haruka first appeared in the manga, she seemed rather drawn by the purity and innocence of Sailormoon, and indeed kissed her (as Sailoruranus kissing Sailormoon). As Tenoh Haruka, she also seemed about to kiss Usagi - but Mamoru's appearance forestalled that. (Chibiusa had her hands full trying to reconcile Usagi and Mamoru after that.) In the end, nothing seems to have come of the whole Haruka/Usagi debacle, and Haruka's relationship with Michiru doesn't seem to have suffered in the slightest. (This, despite the fact that there also seemed to be some fascination between Michiru and Mamoru... but all that got straightened out eventually. As Mamoru said, the Haruka-Michiru pair's got a few issues.) For someone who flirts with other people a lot, Haruka is pretty possessive of Michiru... but Sailoruranus is one of Sailormoon's most fiercely protective senshi.

Haruka, if you haven't already gathered, is also the senshi-warrior of flight and the sky, Sailoruranus. Her outfit is a blue-and-white fuku, and she is the tallest of the senshi. As Sailoruranus, she carries the Space Sword, one of three talismans. Her powers relate mostly to space and wind, in the forms of air pressure; "World Shaking" is a bit of an anomaly, but "Space Sword Blaster" and "Space Turbulence" are a little more relevant. Sailoruranus comes across as one of the most powerful senshi. She's certainly one of the most eager to fight. Haruka loves a challenge.

Sailoruranus is partnered with Sailorneptune, and seems to be the more dominant one of the pair. She's more outspoken, and often acts as the voice of the pair - but she and Neptune share the same goals. Mythologically, the Roman god Uranus represented the sky, and he was the ancestor of all gods. By the way, I've read that "Haruka" translates to "distant" ... which Haruka does tend to be, sometimes. Her last name "Tenoh" translates to "Sky King," and the kanji for "Uranus" (tennousei, if you really must know) translates to "Sky Star." It also sounds a little bit like Haruka's last name, come to think of it. Now isn't that convenient?

After Sailorsaturn disappeared into the time portal and was reborn, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna took the baby Hotaru in and raised her together. Haruka was Hotaru's "Haruka-papa," which I think is extremely cute.

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