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Are the heights in the anime different than in the manga? It seems it because according to the anime, Makoto is 5'6'' while Rei is 5'4''. In the manga, there certainly seems to a greater difference in height.

Personally, I have no idea - but Ian Andreas Miller was kind enough to share what he knew. Everything below the gray line is what he told me.

Neither the anime nor the manga states exact heights for those two characters. However, this is from the Sailor Moon FAQ, part four:

The Nakayoshi "Sailor Moon" fan book gives Usagi's height as 150 cm, which is about 4'11". Kyle Pope has sent me comparisons based on this and on the Sailor Moon Nakayoshi Anime Album character sheets, V1, page 103, and V2, page 94 and 111. THESE ARE ESTIMATES:

Sailor Moon: 4'11" (not an estimate)
Sailor Mercury: 5'2"
Sailor Mars: 5'3"
Sailor Jupiter: 5'6"
Sailor Venus: 5'2"
Sailor Uranus: 5'9"
Sailor Neptune: 5'5"
Sailor Pluto: 5'7" (from page 8, Sailor Moon S movie memorial album)

[Ian's note: I don't trust that claim. I have the book they're talking about and page "8" doesn't have anything to do with Sailor Pluto]

Sailor Saturn: 4'7"
Tuxedo Mask: 5'8"
Motoki (Andrew): 5'8"
Jadeite: 5'11"
Queen Beryl: 6'2"
Naru-chan (Molly): 5'1"
Umino (Melvin): 5'1"
Shingo (Sammy): 4'5"
Sailor Moon's mother: 5'4"
Sailor Moon's father: 5'7"

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