Welcome to the "AQ" section of the Garden; AQ stands for "asked questions." (It could also conceivably be pronounced "Ack," as in "Ack! They're asking me questions!" ^_^) Here, I answer some of the questions found in my emailbox, from the really specific to the really general. Feel free to send more, if you desire; if you want to comment on my answers, please feel free to do that as well.

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  • You know that Sailor V game that everyone plays? ... I noticed that when Bunny plays, well, she kinda sucks at it. But Amy got the new high score, and Lita and even Rini were very experienced gamers. Do you think that this implys that Bunny is the least mature and/or developed of the scouts?
    Mamoru-kun, thinking Hmm, that's a pretty good point. I always thought that the game was a measure of how good someone would be as a senshi. Chibiusa's skill isn't a mystery; her parents probably trained her since childhood to be a warrior. (And her childhood lasted 900 years, remember, so she had plenty of time to improve.) I'd assume that if any of the outers took a shot at the game, they'd do pretty well too...

    I think that the reason that Usagi sucked at the game to begin with is that she actually needed training. It's not that she was immature, she just didn't have the reflexes or the attitude of a fighter. Luna had to tell her what to do. The other senshi knew what to do the minute they transformed; they didn't need any prompting, nor did they wail the minute they got into a fight. The game reflects their effectiveness as a senshi; that might be why Usagi was so much worse at the game than the other girls. It's just a theory, but feel free to discuss...

  • If Mamoru and Makoto don't have families, how can they afford to live alone?
    Well, I imagine that Mako-chan's parents provided for her in their will when they died; she certainly seems capable of supporting herself, although she does not have a job. As for Mamoru-kun, he is shown working in an office once (his office has a rather lovely view, if I recall correctly), which would account for his ability to afford a nice apartment. He's also the star student at an elite school; he might be on scholarship or something.

  • I don't understand why Seiya would be romantically involed with Serena if s/he is supposed to be female! Is she just not heterosexual or is she supposed to be a guy?
    Ami-chan, reading Since the Starlights are completely female (even though they make absolutely lovely males), I imagine Seiya is homosexual. It's not unheard of; Haruka and Michiru share a homosexual relationship. Seiya is obviously in love with Usagi, even though they're both female. Also, there are hints that Seiya loves Kakyuu-hime as well...

  • When does the whole thing with Rei's family come into the story?
    Takeuchi-sensei wrote several "side stories" to accompany the manga. Some of those stories are "Kaguya-hime no Koibito," Chibiusa's diaries, and the Exam Battles. The one dealing with Rei is "Casablanca Memory," where Rei defeats her inner demons; there, we learn about her family.

  • Naoko's wrong! Mythology has Saturn as the god of time and Pluto as the god of death. The senshi are switched!
    For the answer to this question, visit this page.

  • Where do you get Sailormoon stuff? I want the anime/manga...
    Hmm... Personally, I got my manga from random Japanese bookstores when I visited over various summers. ^_^ But that is a little cost-prohibitive. I'd recommend visiting Nikaku if you want to get your hands on some genuine Japanese manga; eBay auctions are good too, but watch the prices; they tend to skyrocket. Galaxy Manga has a very good selection. The Place is also reliable, but very very slow. If you want the Mixx-translated English version, try If you're looking into purchasing anime, the Sailor Senshi Page has a very informative section on buying Sailormoon products.

  • I like Sailor Moon. What other series do you recommend?
    Funny, I like Sailormoon too. ^_^ Well, I'm not an expert, but I'd tell you to go look for Fushigi Yuugi; if you liked Usagi and Mamoru, you'll definitely like Miaka and Tamahome, and the storyline is absolutely amazing. Some of my other favorites are Rurouni Kenshin, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and Evangelion. Slayers is light, but funny; Magic Knight Rayearth is also worth watching, if you like the "magical girl" genre. I've also recently become addicted to Gundam Wing and Shoujo Kakumei Utena ... that enough for you?

    Hana-hime adds: "...if someone likes Fushigi Yugi, they should definitely try Rumiko Takashi's Inu Yasha! It is like a *very* funny counterpart to FY (I am not implying that either one was copied off the other, I think the relationship is cool!) and you can definitely see how this comes from the creator of the ever loved Ranma 1/2! Also, though they have no relation to Sailor Moon, I highly recommend Video Girl Ai and the works of Leiji Matsumo (Galaxy Express, Emeraldas, Harlock, Space Battleship Yamato, etc...) to any fan of anime or manga. The anime versions of Matsumo's works are actually some of the closest retellings I have ever seen, and I have only seen the anime of VGAi, so I definitely recommend them! For more ideas on anime and manga, try Animerica magazine."

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