21.8.2002 Kellie at Inyou No Meian sent me this beautiful award, lovely in shades of pastel blues and purples. I'm honored that she thinks the Garden is worthy of receiving it.
Celestial Legend
21.2.2001 Ami-chan's site called the Garden an "all-around great site." I love those - they make me feel as if I've no weaknesses. <goes on power trip> Seriously though, I really appreciate it.
Cute Site Award
28.12.2000 Thanks, Ashley! My site's not half as cute as the award itself, though.
Cute Site Award
28.12.2000 senshimama and nancini gave me this award ages ago, and I let it sit in my inbox forever. But here it is, finally, and I love it; those little figures are cute. Thanks a lot!
senshimama and nancini
11.09.2000 I got the "Sailor Scouts 2000 Award of Excellence," and the award itself is beautiful, don't you think? I've always loved that picture; it has this lovely ethereal air to it.
Sailor Scouts 2000 Award of Excellence
11.09.2000 Bethany from Bunny's Ambition was kind enough to bestow the kawaii "Bunny's Appreciation" prize on the Garden. I was really charmed by this one for some reason; it makes me happy. ^_^ Maybe it's the personal touch.
Bunny's Appreciation
15.10.2000 This site was a combo site finalist - again - in the AQ's SM People's Choice Awards 4. I tied with Coki though, which I consider the highest compliment of all. And I get a pretty banner.
Finalist, Combo Category
30.07.2000 Kate of the Sailor Skivvies Fashion Shop presented the Garden with the Creative Kiss award - doubly flattering considering the criteria and company. Go visit her site and take a look!
Creative Kiss Award
12.07.2000 Yumiko-chan of Tsukino Usagi's Dreamland was kind enough to send me this beautifully crafted manga Usagi award for the Garden.
Great Site Award
09.04.2000 Diana of the 3 Cats Review team gave my site a ten out of ten in her review! You're already here, so you probably know about this site - but if you like, you can read the review here anyway.
30.01.2000 Sailor Saturn's Wallpaper Vault gave the Garden the beautiful "Award of Manga." Before you click on the thumbnail, be advised that this award is a full-sized desktop wallpaper. It's really quite pretty.
Award of Manga
17.01.2000 Usagi and, a huge site that I've admired forever, honored the Moon Garden with the amazing Award of Excellence. <warm fuzzy feelings> Seriously though, I'm immensely flattered that Nishi would consider this site worthy of such an award, and I hope the Garden continues to live up to it.
Award of Excellence

Less Recent Awards

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