27.11.1999 The Moon Kingdom Gateway chose the Garden to be "Minako's Beauty Site of the Month" for November. It's a really kawaii award graphic, too.
Minako's Beauty Site of the Month
20.11.1999 Usagi-san of Usagi-san's Eternal Sailor Moon Shrine gave this to the gallery part of the Moon Garden. (The gallery used to be all there was to this site. We've grown...)
Picture Perfect
13.10.1999 This site was a combo site finalist in the AQ's SM People's Choice Awards 3; although I ended in second place, I'm still absolutely thrilled to have placed at all.
Finalist, Combo Category
01.10.1999 Neherenia's Church in the Shadows gave the Garden the honor of being October's site of the month, and also sent a beautiful animated award. Click the thumbnail to see!
Click to view animated award
25.8.1999 Suns and Shadows honored the Garden with the Award of Beauty; IMO, the award graphic itself is a work of art.
Click to view Award of Beauty
19.8.1999 The Small Lady of the The Royal Family's Photo Album chose the Garden as their "Senshi's Pick of the Month of August, 1999." At the Album, the Small Lady presents a large and very well-organized image gallery.
Click to view Senshi's Pick award graphic
26.7.1999 The Crystal Cosmos selected the Moon Garden as their featured site for July and August, 1999.
Click to view Crystal Cosmos award
9.6.1999 On June 9, I found that the Amazoness Quartet had selected the Moon Garden as "Best of the Month of May, 1999." This did amazing things for my ego.
Click to view Amazoness Quartet award
29.5.1999 Crazy KimiKat of luna*C! was kind enough to give me this award! It's especially flattering considering that her pages are absolutely beautiful.
Click to view award from KimiKat
18.1.1999 Back when the Garden was only an image gallery, it was selected by The Anime Web Turnpike as a Weekly Web Pick for the weeks of January 11 and 18, 1999.
Anime Web Turnpike's Trixie

More Recent Awards

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