Sailoruranus: Attacks and Henshin

Attack When Target Result

Henshin: Uranus Planet Power, Make Up! (Acts 26 to 34: Infinity)

World Shaking Act 26 Mimete Kill
Act 27 Inner senshi Stun
Space Sword Act 27 Viluy Kill
Space Sword Blaster Act 32 Tomoe Blocked
no Koibito
Snow Kayuga Blocked

Henshin: Uranus Crystal Power, Make Up! (Acts 39 to 52: Dead Moon and Stars)

World Shaking Act 39 imprisoning vines Success
Space Sword Blaster Act 39 Amazoness Quartet Blocked
Sailor Planet Power Meditation * Act 41 Zirconia Hurt
Space Turbulence Act 43 Iron Mouse Blocked
Act 44 Aluminum Siren Blocked
Galactica Space Turbulence
(under Galaxia's control)
Act 50 Sailorchibimoon Seriously hurt
Galactica Planet Attack
(with all other senshi)
Act 50 Eternal Sailormoon Seriously hurt

Sailoruranus, in my opinion, gets the prize for the coolest attacks. (I always liked swords.) But that's my biased opinion. In my unbiased opinion, Sailoruranus is ranked equally with Neptune and Pluto for attack strength. However, she shoots off attacks much more frequently than the other two, which makes her generally more agressive. Besides, she has lots of style - like when she bisected Viluy with the Space Sword. That was just cool.

Any of the outer senshi are more powerful than the four inner senshi in terms of sheer attack strength. However, they still work best as a team; although the outer senshi were able to defeat the Witches 5 on their own, all of their power combined was needed to defeat Nephelenia.

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* Done with Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.

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