Queen Nephelenia

Nephelenia is the Queen of the darkness, the lady in the shadows. Unlike most of the other major villains of the Sailormoon series, she has discrete form. She is the mirror image of Queen Serenity, but darkened and twisted. They both have long, flowing hair with two odango atop their heads, and elegant, slim bodies - but Nephelenia's hair is dark, her eyes are slitted, her ears are pointed, and her lips are set in a harsh pouty curve. Three crescent moons adorn her forehead and dangle from her ears.

Queen Nephelenia I chose to spell her name "Nephelenia," following Alex Glover's lead. He pointed out that nepheline is a mineral and that Nephele is the name of a lady in ancient Greek mythology, and we all know that Takeuchi-san's into naming people after rocks and figures of Greek myth. It's really up to the fan how to spell it in English; the kana are given as "Ne-he-re-ni-a," but the "h" sound in Japanese is interchangeable with the "f" sound, so others have spelled her name "Nephrenia," "Neherenia," etc. All of these can be considered correct.

Nephelenia's goals are pure and simple. She wants revenge, the world, and the power of the Silver Crystal. She has quite a way with words, too; one of her similes is "as easy as twisting a baby's neck." Altogether a prideful and harsh character, our Nephelenia-sama.

Her history with Queen Serenity left her with a deep and abiding anger against the young Princess Serenity and the forces of light that she represents. Her ancient curse, cast in the time of the Silver Millenium, had a chance to reach the Earth when the pure light of the sun was eclipsed by the shadow of the Moon. She captured Elios, the priest of Elysion, and his capture let the curse sicken Elysion and Mamoru... and the Earth as well. Nephelenia's plan was brilliant - with the capture of Elios, Elysion soon fell; if Mamoru could not stop her, then the corruption would eat to the surface of the Earth and cover the world with nightmares.

She knows that the Silver Crystal will only obey its rightful owner. However, because she is the beautiful Queen of the Dead Moon, she believes herself destined to inherit the Silver Crystal. Once she has the Silver Crystal, she can take everything.

Thanks to Queen Serenity, Nephelenia could not leave the mirror inside which she was imprisoned. However, she could communicate with her minion Zirconia, and Zirconia directed the Amazoness Quartet in the attack against the people of the bright moon - namely, Sailormoon and the senshi.

Nephelenia When Sailormoon and the senshi broke the mirror in an attempt to kill her, she fled once more - to Elysion. Her curse was strong there, and her body towered over the senshi. Gloatingly, she informed the senshi of her curse against them, and took the Silver Crystal from Usagi's brooch. However, Mamoru called on the healing supportive power of his Golden Crystal and kissed Usagi; the power of their love drew the Crystal back to Sailormoon. Then, by combining their powers, the senshi and Mamoru boosted Usagi to Eternal Sailormoon form. As Eternal Sailormoon, Usagi pointed her scepter at Nephelenia. "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!!!" she called.

Surrounded by the light that she hated so, Nephelenia screamed and began to wither away. Her glorious black hair fell from her head, and her features twisted until a wizened, ugly old woman reached from the mirror out towards Mamoru. "Prince," she said imploringly.

The light of the Golden Crystal haloed Mamoru as he stared back at her.

"The sunlight protects you, Prince of Earth," she whispered. "I shall take your hand ... as the Moon's true queen ... as the ruler of the matchless power of this planet ..."

She was still reaching towards him as she was sucked into the cracked mirror. It resealed itself flawlessly behind her as she disappeared completely.

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