the Amazoness Quartet

The Amazoness Quartet are four girls who provide a great deal of the cuteness factor of the Dead Moon villains. They spy on the senshi through mirrors, and do their best to spread nightmares over the world, and to kill beautiful dreams - but they have a lot of fun while doing it.

The Amazoness Quartet don't really operate much as individuals. They decide on a course of action as a group, and then see that it is carried out. Internal bickering is slim to none, and none of them really develop separate personalities. They are so well linked-together that they even complete each other's sentences. So while I'm setting up individual bios here, keep in mind that the Quartet functions as a group. I'll provide physical details and what each of them did as an individual, but their actions were, by and large, decided upon as a group.

"We can finally go outside. We would do best to enjoy it." - Cere-cere, Act 34

Cere-cere Dressed in pink with rose-decorations and yellow ribbons and frills, Cere-cere is definitely the most feminine-looking of the Quartet. She swings gaily from the trapezes in the Circus, and if the Quartet needs decisions to be made, she's usually the one who voices them. She comes closest to being the leader of the Quartet.

As compared to the other girls of the Quartet, Cere-cere doesn't act very often. She likes to observe the senshi through mirrors, and report back to the others. When Sailorchibimoon and Sailorsaturn burst into the circus tent, though, she was the one making threats and laughing. The other three of the Quartet do the attacking, but Cere-cere is their voice.

Cere-cere is also the tallest and oldest of the Quartet. This also makes it more logical that she would be their leader. (Inasmuch as the Quartet, who seem to operate as a group, have a leader.)

"This is where I have my fun." - Palla-palla, Act 38

Palla-palla Palla-palla has blue hair, and is dressed in an outfit composed almost entirely of blue spheres. She's the shortest of the Quartet. In the circus, she balances easily on large round balls, and rides a unicycle around on tightropes. She is the second oldest.

Palla-palla is the undisputed magician of the Quartet. Even though the other three can work magic, it's usually Palla-palla who casts the spell. (The Quartet's spells usually have to do with balls - Hailstone Ball, Crown Ball, End Ball, etc.) Palla-palla is the one who turned the three animals into the Amazon Trio, for instance. She tends to toss her magic balls around playfully when she's not actually spellcasting.

In order to trap Ami, Palla-palla posed as a saleswoman at a tropical fish store called "Discus Farm." (Let me tell you, Palla-palla in a saleswoman skirt is absolutely adorable.) She commented that people longed for the water and were happier there; Ami was startled. Then Palla-palla sold Fish Eye (in fish form) to Ami, who took him home. Palla-palla was also the one who watched over Tiger Eye's battle with Rei.

Like the other members of the Quartet, Palla-palla looks at their battle as more of a game than a serious undertaking. When Fish Eye was defeated, Palla-palla merely smiled delightedly. "How interesting!" she exclaimed.

"Let's make this as entertaining as possible." - Jun-jun, Act 37

Jun-jun Third of the Amazoness Quartet, Jun-jun dresses in green with metallic spiky stars interspersed. Her green hair is bound in three tufted ponytails - one to either side, and one straight up. Of the four, she seems the most aggressive, and at one point boasts of her strength. In the circus, she is seen doing handstands and breathing fire.

Jun-jun carries a slingshot, and has no qualms about using it. She is very skilled - she popped all four inner senshi on the head with one shot. She was also the one gleefully encouraging all the girls at Minako's idol audition to become angry and competitive, so that the lemures could absorb their energy and positive dreams into nightmares.

When needed, Jun-jun can do magic as well. She flung "Medicine Ball" at Sailorchibimoon and Sailorsaturn, but it was blocked by Saturn's "Silence Wall." However, despite her aggression and love of fighting, it would seem that Jun-jun is also the one who is most in touch with the goodness within herself. When Saturn held out her hand out to the Quartet in an offer of forgiveness and hope, it was Jun-jun who first reached back towards Saturn - only, unfortunately, to be stopped by Zirconia.

"Devour all the beautiful dreams of this city, and fill the city with darkness!" - Ves-ves, Act 34

VesVes Ves-ves dresses in bright red, and her scarlet hair is gathered in bundles over her head before falling to dangle in a single tuft. She carries a whip, and is seen doing tricks on horseback in the circus acts, by which I assume that she is the animal tamer.

She works most closely with the Amazon Trio. It is her suggestion that the tiger, the hawk, and the fish take human form. Ves-ves can also cast spells, but prefers to let Palla-palla handle it. However, she does throw "Steel Ball" at the senshi at one point. She was also the one who wanted to have a little fun with Minako, making her ordeal much more difficult than the one faced by the other three inner senshi. She almost got the lemures to control Minako's body, but Artemis broke her spell.

Like her sister Jun-jun, Ves-ves is rather easily annoyed when her plans fail. Palla-palla and Cere-cere are much more stoic about everything. Ves-ves is the youngest of the four.

"We carry the protection of the four asteroids of the solar system." - the asteroid senshi, Act 42

Sailorceres, Sailorpallas, Sailorjuno, and Sailorvesta are the four senshi destined to fight alongside Sailorchibimoon when she comes into her inheritance. They had been in deep sleep inside the deep jungles of the Amazon, waiting for their time to come.

The Sailor Quartet However, Nephelenia's curse forced them into a nightmare. In that nightmare, they were compelled to act as minions of the Dead Moon, following Zirconia's orders and attacking the senshi.

Sailorsaturn was very perceptive, and saw past the assumed evil to the goodness inside. She rescued them from the disintegrating Dead Moon empire, and asked Usagi to heal them with the Silver Crystal. The power of the Silver Crystal freed them from their nightmare, and restored them to their true forms.

When they were freed, they made their thanks to the senshi and then went back to the Amazon, to sleep. They are awaiting the time that Sailorchibimoon can stand on her own as a senshi. Then, they will awaken and join her.

Fans refer to them as the "Sailor Quartet," or the "Asteroid senshi." The asteroids that give them their names are also named after figures of Greco-Roman mythology. Ceres, for instance, is the Roman goddess of the harvest. Pallas is the title given to Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Juno is the Roman queen of the gods, and Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth.

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