The Amazon Trio

The Amazon Trio were created by the Amazoness Quartet. They were made from a fish, a tiger, and a hawk, and their mission was to steal the dreams of the senshi, replacing them with nightmares. Each member of the Trio is a cross-dressing man with a black circle mark on his forehead and twin color stripes high on his left cheek. They are prone to sly laughter and gleeful plotting.

Fish Eye was created from a glittering blue-green fish. His hair is sky blue and faded ocean green, bound into a ponytail. His ears are pointed, and his eyes are round and blue. He wears a puffy blue suit decorated with a stylized fish skeleton, cut in a low V-neck that reaches down to his waist. His high heels are red, the same shade as his nails. His skin is lightly scaled.

Fish Eye His target is Ami, who like him is deeply connected to water. Palla-palla creates a fish store, and sells Fish Eye (in fish form, of course) to Ami. She takes him home and puts him in an aquarium. Staring at the fish, she feels suddenly lonely... Fish Eye creates an image in the mirror of Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibiusa, laughing together. Ami feels jealous of their happiness together; her father is estranged and her mother is alone. Ami wishes to be loved, by someone... anyone...

Fish Eye climbs out of the tank, in human form. In the mirror, Fish Eye reaches down to kiss Ami. She screams denial, and rushes out onto the balcony, where she's swarmed by lemures. Under their attack, her eyes close and she despairs, while Fish Eye gloats.

However, Ami manages to prevail, remembering that her true dream is to protect the people she loves. She transforms and destroys the lemures. Sailormoon and Chibimoon arrive just in time to blast Fish Eye away with "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!"

More about Fish Eye: Memoirs of a Fish

Tiger's Eye is tall and broad-shouldered, with brown eyes and pointed ears. His flame-gold hair is bound back from his forehead with a red bandanna, but allowed to fall free around his shoulders. He wears flashy jewelry, a white top, and orange-and-red leggings ending in lacy black boots. His original form was a slinking orange-and-black tiger.

Tiger's Eye His target was Rei, senshi of fire. He lured her into a house of mirrors - where the Dead Moon's power was strongest. In those mirrors, he made an image of her exult in finally finding a man - himself. Rei cried out in denial and pegged him with a strip of paper, sending a dazed tiger stumbling to the floor. However, when she tried to transform, the Quartet blocked her and sent her spiraling down into nightmares and doubt.

The crows Phobos and Deimos came to her rescue, peppering the tiger with black feathers. Then they pulled Rei out of her funk, and Rei realized her dream once more - to protect her Princess, her planet, and her friends. She shot Tiger's Eye with her Mars Flame Arrow, and he was destroyed.

Hawk's Eye was created from a golden-brown hawk. His hair is purple and spiky, reminiscent of feathers. His eyes are golden-brown, and his ears are pointed. He dresses in a patterned purple wrap-top and skirt, with high heels of the same color; his tights are of a slightly lighter shade of purple.

Hawk's Eye He captured Makoto's interest by demanding exotic herbs at the supermarket; she felt an immediate kinship with him. She revealed her ambition to someday own a flower and cake shop; he encourages her. He gave her a ring with an Amazon Stone, which would "make her dreams come true."

She visited him later, and wondered aloud if her dreams will ever come true... in turn, he asked her if she'll stop being a sailor senshi. She was stunned for a moment, and lemures crept out of her ring to surround her and drown her in despair. Hawk's Eye became a hawk, and perched atop Jun-jun's arm; the Quartet laughed with glee.

But Makoto was a fighter, and overcame the nightmares by recalling that her true dream was to fight for the ones she loved. She broke free of the lemures and called out, "Jupiter Oak Evolution!" The Quartet disappeared, and Hawk's Eye was killed.

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