Evolution of Chibiusa

Now, we all know that Chibiusa starts out waist-high to Usagi, with the body of a little girl... and that by tankoubon 18, she's shoulder-height and quite full-figured... but what other changes are there? (By the way, we are not including her brief stint as the Black Lady as a stage of Chibiusa's growth.)

Chibi-Usagi, act 13 This is Chibiusa's first appearance, in act 13 - shortly after she fell out of the sky onto Mamoru's head. At this moment Usagi and Mamoru are trying to figure out who she is and what she wants; Chibiusa is very suspicious of them, which accounts for her expression. See how young she looks? Her face is all eye, and the shape of her chin is incredibly round and chubby. (This is manga baby fat, folks.)

The eyes are an almost perfect oval, flattened at the bottom. The upper eyelash makes a definite arch, but doesn't curve down very far. The fact that Chibiusa's eyeballs are not even close to touching the upper eyelashes shows that she's very wide-eyed and wary.

Next, we see... Aaaah! Chibiusa has no nose!

<grin> ...okay, back to business. This is act 26; Chibiusa is busy making friends with shy Hotaru, and is exerting all of her wide-eyed charm. (You have to admit, she does look rather cute.) You'll see that the curves of the top eyelash are much sharper, with the ends pointing downwards.

If you inspect the relationship between the eyes and the line of the face, you'll see that the line of her face starts coming to a point even before the bottom of the eye. This is kid manga; if Chibiusa were older, the face line wouldn't start slanting until much farther past the bottom eyelash.

Chibiusa, act 26

Sailorchibimoon, act 37 This is act 38, and they're fighting the Dead Moon; Chibiusa is becoming a warrior. She's definitely growing up a little too; the reason she looks so worried is because she's fallen in love with Elios, and he's wounded at this point. By the way, you'll see that the eyeball has moved from "oval" shape to "egg" shape, definitely pointed at the top and flat at the bottom.

See my point about the line of the face? Now that Chibiusa has grown past baby fat, the beginning of the slant is further down past the bottom eyelash line, and the chin is pointed. This is no longer a child's face. Of course, since Chibiusa is still young, the eyes take up rather more of the face than they will when she's older... but you can definitely see the trend.

This is act 49; Chibiusa and the Quartet have just saved Usagi, Chibichibi, and Kakyuu from Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. Chibiusa's crying (see the tear? I love how the teardrops gather at the corner of the eye!) because she's glad to see that Usagi's all right. I couldn't help but include a bit of image play; I melded in a sidepic of Chibiusa, from head to thighs. You can see how much she's grown; at this point, she's a young woman in her own right, as can also be seen in the eye-to-face-curve ratio.

Back to technique... note the extreme curve of the top eyelash over the eyeball. This trend is especially evident in tankoubon 18, the last book of the series. The eyes are huge, of course, because she's so incredibly happy.

Chibiusa, act 49

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