The characters' appearance are supposed to be static, but the Sailormoon series took five years to create. Within that time, one can see subtle trends in Takeuchi-san's art. I've added commentary intended to inform and amuse.

Tsukino Usagi Our lovely heroine! Usagi goes through the most growth, probably because she's the only really dynamic character, and visibly matures throughout the series. Note the big round eyes; they exude youth and friendliness.

Chiba Mamoru The "token male," Mamoru! (Mmmm, Mamo-chan. Tasty.) Seriously though, Mamoru-kun looks more and more mature as the series goes on. Do you doubt me? Think I'm biased? (Well okay, I am, but still...)

Tsukino Chibiusa Our own little princess, Chibiusa! She's the only one who goes through obvious mental and physical growth, from scared, whiny little girl to tall, confident teenage warrior - but there are subtler changes as well.

Mizuno Ami The shy genius Ami is rarely seen. She definitely takes a background role - not just to the main characters, but to the rest of the senshi. And yet the study of her features is one of the most fascinating of them all.

Hino Rei One of the first glimpses we have of Rei is a stunning profile shot. Rei continues to appear in profile for our viewing throughout the series, making her an ideal subject for a side-view evolution.

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