Sailor StarFighter - Seiya Kou

Ah, the ever-so-popular Kou Seiya-sama. As with all three Starlights, she poses as a male on Earth, and reverts to her original form of a female senshi, Sailor Starfighter. Lead singer of the Three Lights, she is the overwhelming favorite of the three. She is athletic, handsome, and the most serious competition that Mamo-chan ever had.

Yep, she loves Usagi. At first Seiya was attracted because she reminded Seiya of Princess Kakyuu - but then she began to love her for herself. (Mamoru is dead at this point, which leaves the field clear.) Many fans think that Seiya's a better match for Usagi than Mamoru is. This is probably aided by the fact that Mamoru's a jerk in the anime instead of the warm, romantic character that he is in the manga - and that Seiya's actually male in the anime.

Sailor Starfighter
You want my opinions on a Seiya-Usagi match? (Besides the obvious fact that Seiya's really female?) Well, it's not particularly admirable of Seiya to move in on someone else's girl. (And yes, she knows that she's taken.) Also, what kind of future is there for the Moon Princess and a Kinmoku Star senshi? Have you ever tried to carry on a long-distance relationship? These two are light-years away! Usagi and Mamoru were destined from centuries past to be together, and there's no way that Seiya's Kinmoku-sei star seed can be a mate with the Illusion Silver Crystal as perfectly as Mamo-chan's Golden Crystal can. I'm sorry, it's just not going to work.


SailorStarfighter is the leader of the Kinmoku Star senshi. Her henshin phrase: "Fighter Star Power... Make Up!" Her attack is "Star Serious Laser." Apparently the name "Kou Seiya" translates to "Light of the Star Field." Beautiful, isn't it?

On Seiya's first day at Juuban High, she joined the football team and immediately scored a touchdown. This didn't make Haruka very happy; Haruka's supposed to be the athlete of the senshi. She doesn't like being defeated.

There's no doubting that Seiya's a great person. She is charming, attractive, and utterly romantic. She can sing, she can dance, she's immensely attractive and athletic; she's not coldly logical like Taiki nor annoying like Yaten, but a wonderfully charming person... There's a beautiful scene where she offers her hand to Sailormoon...

Starfighter: Give me your hand.
Sailormoon: It's all right! I don't want to be a burden. I can manage.
Starfighter: It's okay - you're a princess. You should be protected.


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