Sailor StarMaker - Taiki Kou

Kou Taiki is the genius of the Three Lights. As with all three Starlights, she poses as male when in normal form, and is completely female in senshi form. Of the Three Lights, Taiki is the least social and the most logical.

On Taiki's first day at Juuban high, she outscored Ami by one point on a test. (Ami was anything but pleased. She doesn't handle competition very well.) Of the Three Lights, she loves school the most.

Sailor Starmaker
Taiki also likes reciting poetry and computers. She joined the Juuban High computer club, drawing further attention away from Ami. She joined Makoto at the gardening club, earning Mako-chan's praise - for Mako felt that anyone who loved flowers couldn't be a bad person.

Taiki is the logical, intellectual one. She is also decently empathic. She understands when Usagi is hurt and confused, but she warns her that she must have all her composure with her when she goes to fight the Shadow Galactica. She usually doesn't have much to say, but when she does open her mouth, her words are pretty darn important. She doesn't go out of her way to be nice, but she's fair and to the point.

Maker-chan SailorStarmaker is the brains of the Kinmoku Star senshi. Her henshin phrase is "Maker Star Power... Make Up!" Her attack is, for some unknown reason, "Star Gentle Uterus." (Sounds rather silly, doesn't it? I think it didn't come out quite the way Naoko-sensei meant it to...) Apparently the name "Kou Taiki" translates to "Light of the Big Air." This isn't as bad as it sounds. The "ki" part of her name, often translated to "air," also means "spirit" or "energy."

A conversation between Yaten and Taiki, manga volume 16:
Yaten: Let's give up. Going to school is exhausting.
Taiki: Learning is fun.
Yaten: Only for you.

Among fans, Taiki seems to be the least popular of the three lights. Probably it's because Seiya is so darn loveable and Yaten is so cute that Taiki just gets overshadowed.


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